Writers! - What Price Would You Put On Creative Content?

To make this brief, I’m dabbling with the idea of creating a creative writing gig. Think short stories, etc. However, I can’t reconcile myself with how it could ever be worth it.

I can’t turn my creativity on and off. If it takes me a few hours without distraction to write a basic web page. It is, therefore, going to take me a week without distraction to write a short story worth reading. - Unless of course, I just borrow the inspiration or everything from elsewhere…

In either case, no one is going to pay megabucks for a standalone short story, are they?

So, how much would you charge and what would you offer with that?

I bought few short stories from Fiverr.

It’s hard to read someone’s mind when it comes to creating a story of any kind. You have to know my style of thinking and writing, therefore it’s hard - way harder than writing non-fiction - articles. I have yet to find a seller that had fulfilled my needs in the short story arena to 100% as of yet.

I do admit, though, when I had writers block on one of my books, I had someone read it and give me some suggestions forward, she wrote a chapter for me. Although I did change it somewhat, it was exactly what I needed to get my story flowing.

I’ve been ordering lots of articles on big cats lately. I’m trying to dabble a bit into the fictional CACH and cann hunting where the hunters get a dose of his/her own medicine. What can I say, I like animals more than people. :grin:

This is why I can’t offer a gig like this. Too much is subjective and writers are the hardest to please crowd there is. ( No offence. )

I couldn’t outsource my own creative writing. It would be like letting a stranger sleep with my wife.

Professional rates for fiction go from 5 cents per word. Magazines that pay you 20 cents per word are considered awesome. On Fiverr, it would probably have to be less than 5 cents per word (if you wish to sell anything).

Generally speaking, non-fiction pays better than fiction.

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