Writers - Can You Make Money on Vocal?

I just discovered Vocal AKA https://vocal.media/. It’s a new-ish blogging platform similar to Medium and Steemit. With Vocal, though, it is possible to earn real $$$'s by publishing content which receives 1,000 views or more. Rates start at something terrible like $3. However, I’ve signed up.

As I see it, I can syndicate content from my crypto blog there (when I have it back up and running). I can also write on non-crypto topics similar to how I would on a personal blog.

Anyway, this is just a short post to put Vocal on your radar. Once I publish something, I’ll update with links and update on earnings, etc.


They only pay you via Stripe, so, if you’re not in one of the 34 (or whatever) countries covered by Stripe, tough luck. I think that Malta isn’t on the list.