Would You Get a Brain Implant to Be More Productive?

I’m mirroring this thread with one I just saw posted by a strikingly attractive young man on the Fiverr forum. - It is an interesting topic if nothing else.

I’ve recently discovered the latest crazy invention by modern era mad scientist Elon Musk. It is called Neuralink. It basically involves giving your brain the ability to connect to a computer and as a result, the Internet. You can read more about it here:

I, personally, find the idea horrific. I can also think of lots of catastrophic things which could go wrong. Hackers are one concern. Medical side effects are another. However, I have brought this topic up with a few people in real life, and they are surprisingly accepting of the idea. One woman I know said straight away she would have her son chipped so she always knows where he is.

In this case, I thought I would just start a general conversation thread to see what people in the Fiverr verse think. Since we all work on computers for most of our time, is this something you would consider investing in if you were given the option?

If not, would it be something you would consider eventually if only to keep up with your competitors?

You know, sometimes i find technology really scary and horrifying. I did read about Elon Musk’s new invention and i’ve been hoping that it doesn’t work as planned tbh. Like, this is totally going to change how we live and we’re not really sure if it’s going to be in a positive way or a negative one. There’s a lot of questions in my mind already.

If thing such as this happens - I’ll purchase land in the woods and have a peaceful life. As time passes by, I start to hate technology very much. :slight_smile:

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Maybe Elon Musk watched this film?

Spoiler - it didn’t end well! :slightly_smiling_face:


It will happen. However, there is worse in store. I’ve completely fallen out of love with blockchain technology. On Malta they are starting to port everything to the blockchain. Rental contracts, cradle to grave academic, employment, and health records. It’s essentially an all encompassing big database of eveything about you. - Which will get to the point where when you drop a cigarette butt, there will be a data trail taking it all the way back to you.

Incidentally, I wrote a big expose about Biycoin being a scam which I posted on my blog. Immediately, my site died. I’ve salvaged most of it. However, my paranoia is telling me that I possibly angered TPTB.

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Humans are stupid.

We had seen many “bad scenarios” with such technology - from books, movies to video games. It seems like people don’t care at all anymore for privacy.

All of the date that governments and bich tech have on us just because of the internet and the so called smart devices. Imagine what could they possibly do once they put a neural transplants inside your brain.

Exactly. However, you can fight back if you know how. Quitting social media is the first step. It’s kind of a good idea to try and go back in time and quit porn too if you can. :slight_smile: - But its never too late :wink:

You can also switch your computer to Linux and your Android smart phone to a new Android ROM with no spying. I also take things a step further by not using wifi.

I’ve also figured out that you can offset things like the worst (physiological) effects of 5G by walking barefoot. - Grounding yourself.

I’ve also realized that any phone with 4G LTE capability can be used as a 5G detector. At home, I can download a 1GB file in seconds via my phone. At the other side of town, it takes upwards of half an hour. This basically means that all 4G LTE phones are 5G phones and that holes in the network exist. - Needless to say, guess where I’m trying to move. :slight_smile:

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Now that’s creepy.

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