Would this be a Breach of TOS? - A Steve Jobs Resurrection Story


So, Steve Jobs ordered from me today. Apparently, he didn’t die. Instead, he moved to one of those countries which no one is allowed to mention for the sake of political correctness. - You know, the ones refugees walk around rather than trust in their neighborly hospitality when there’s a war at home.

It also seems that Steve Jobs has had a hard time of it recently. Apparently, he needs his entire ICO website content creating, but can only afford to pay $30. i.e. For the price of 1 x 500 - word article, Stevie Baby needs a minimum of 8. Things must be bad, as he also needs a new pair of glasses. I mean, I do state explicitly that I do not curate content for ICOs.

Naturally, I’ve said " sorry Steve, I just can’t help you with this," and requested cancellation. However, Steve isn’t responding, despite being online. In this case, in 16-hours, I will likely be hit for the 4th time over the course of the past 60-days, with a late delivery penalty, and a cancellation penalty.

Now as it’s Christmas, I’m not going to bitch and moan too much. However, I have had a rather novel idea. You see, I hate ICO scams and this is what Steve is peddling here. In this case, I’m considering doing a writeup on my own site, detailing just how awful Steve’s new project is. I would not be contacting Steve in any way. However, because of my SEO superpowers, I have no doubt that he will eventually stumble upon my writeup. When he does, he might even complain to Fiverr.

Given the above, my question is simple. Would I be breaking TOS by running Steve Jobs through by ICO entrepreneur shredder? Or would Fiverr recognize my right fo free speech, coupled with the fact that Steve’s recent actions have actually undermined my own buiness?

Lastly, my buyer uses a Steve Jobs profile picture but not the Steve Jobs username. In this case, try not to panic and assume that I have broken TOS already. :slight_smile:


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Ask him to say “HI” to Elvis for me!

How can you say “NO!” to Steve! :rage:

If you’re going to steal profile pictures off the internet, at least make sure it looks realistic. I say stay off the celebrity, model - including stock, or any famous people.

Use ones that no one will question.


History has taught me not to trust people asking me to take bites out of apples. :wink:


I would do it, but I’m the Queen of Bad Ideas that Invariably Get Me Into Trouble. Just don’t make it clear who “you” are on the site and cast major aspersions from a source everywhere. The fact that most people involved with crypto know (or should) that F is a haven of cheap work for an enterprising scammers should give it that cast iron proof that makes 99% of people take it as gospel.

Also, he’s Steve Jobs. Report him for a misleading image or something, like the current hot topic post on the forum (in which I know that OP is even more full of chocolate substance than usual because he made a whole course, but that’s another topic). You guys have no idea how badly I am raring to sink my teeth into this.


You’re a monster! Control yourself! He had heart surgery FGS.

Besides, everyone has a few shady Fiverr secrets. I used to have a blog about Fiverr where I ran Amazon affiliate ads for trashy How yo Mek Sell Fiverr ebooks. I even had fastcopy what his faces’s book listed there. I think I only made a few $'s so I let it die.


You didn’t see the dreadful, dreadful, dreadful advice he was handing out like bountiful candy to meksells in the otherR place. I of course called him out repeatedly, and he just kept deleting his posts before eventually (I guess) deleting his whole account, thinking I was indeed an unfair monster, but if you’re going to give people advice covered in poop then flog your course - probably PLR given his advice - then yeah, I’m going to let loose the dogs of war.

On an alt account of course :slight_smile: I don’t mind the course-selling, I do mind when the advice is so bad it will have even a moderately enlightened CS (comparatively) hotfork you on the fastest road to deleted. And he never defended himself.

I think he’s fibbing about his health problems for sympathy, tbh. Check out his (admittedly) skewiff reviews. Just another meksell…

Anyway, sorry for derailing the post. To get it back on topic before I disappear into the night (I am currently avoiding posting anywhere due to trying to clear Xmas day, but this other place post was too juicy to scroll past) until… uh, the next juicy incident and/or next year.

EDIT: I’m sorry, I forgot the end of that sentence and I can’t remember what I was going to say now. I’m a Pro :sunglasses:

EDIT 2: So many typos :frowning: