Would Anyone Like to Collaborate on a Blog?


I have a blog idea and I need collaboration partners. I’m just going to say it. Going alone on the blogging route is like eating a granola cereal slathered in soy milk. For about a week, you sing about how healthy you are, however, after that you are secretly salivating for a bacon sandwich.

Also, (and I know this is hard for us all to swallow) personal freelancing websites ain’t ever going to bring in droves of juicy clients. No one knows who you are. You are fighting a silent one person war in a Battle of Trafalgar sea of freelance platforms with way bigger marketing budgets and technical SEO know-how than you will ever have.

What, though, if on your own blog, you could sing about being one of the lead writers of one of the Internet’s most amazing blogs!

Okay, that ain’t going to happen either. But… Well, IDK, it could.

I have an idea for a site like The Onion. Nonsense news, presented as real comedy, I’ve also got a killer domain name lined up should anyone want to collaborate. I only want to invest in this project, though, if a few other people would like to help make it happen.

Any takers?


Although I enjoyed writing it takes me many revisions to get it to where I like it. If I were as naturally as verbose in my writing as you, Investor, Locusta, and Miss Gina or as comical as Razvan or Freaky, I would love to do a blog. As it is, I write letters because they are more black and white and take less creativity.


Get Grammarly. Write what you want in a normal word file. Get it perfect. Then cut and paste the whole lot into Grammarly. You will find the mistakes you have missed and fast forward the resting process required to make good writing great.

Trust me. Without it I’d be either poor or winning recurring awards for the world’s greatest dyslexic. Just don’t tell the how-do-mek-sellers. :wink:


What exactly is involved in this blog? What are you looking for in collaboration?

I’m a fiction writer and have a terrible time with non-fiction/factual writing of any kind - as I discovered while uploading my own blog for a few months.


I have had that since early in my Fiverr career.

I still am a perfectionist, and I revise and revise and revise.

I like writing non-fiction things I have experienced. I am not creative enough to do the fiction thing although once it is written, I like to improve it.


To be honest, it would just be me buying the domain name, using a run of the mill WP magazine theme and publishing nonsense/satirical news posts. i.e. DARPA Officially Categorizes Trump Hair as a National Security Threat

That’s just an example.

Realistically, I’d only post once a week. However, multiple posters posting once a week could help shore up visability. If after ayear or so the blog was a maginal success, it would be a case of selling it on somewhere like Flippa and dividing the profit, or carrying on to see if we could take on the likes of The Onion. (Who’s writing is garbage these days.) - At least in my opinion.


If I can write about Balkan politics, communism, kebab removal songs, and stuff like that count me in.


Not my style. But I am happy to write highly opinionated pieces on politics, finance, society, stock markets, and culture if you like. Not satire though, not my thing. Real life is more Onion than Onion these days.


Sometimes it is . . .


Thank you for the offer. However, that wouldn’t be of help with regard to the context of a satirical news site.


Comedy is something I struggle at writing, but would like to give it a try. :slight_smile:


You can do that here on My Buzz forum. :grin:


Comedy is surprisingly easy to write, but only when you dispense with trying to write comedy. You just write whatever absurd idea pops into your head. - And perhaps read lots of Douglas Adams. :slight_smile:


After much thought, I’m in!

What’s the worst that can happen? You :fire: me for not being :clown_face: .

Btw, waiting for you to give me a :+1: for bitcoin cash buy.


Errrr… Well, Bitcoin Cash is at is lowest value since being originally released. (It was spiking /double in value when you first mentioned buying). If you had bought then, you would now be 50% down on the value of your purchase. For this reason, my advice was sound.

Sadly, the crypto markets have become much more volatile than I anticipated. I personally wouldn’t buy Bitcoin Cash to use to buy goods just yet. Now is possibly a good time to buy to invest but… No. Don’t do it. I can’t in good conscience say it is a good idea.

If you need anything I offer in regard to freelance services, let me know and I’ll (within reason) do an FOC job for you. Later on when crypto prices stabilize, I’ll let you know and you can pay me in retrospect. As it is, right now is…Well, probably a disadvantageous time to buy and definitely the riskiest.


Alas, for my own crappy blog (x2 a week, every week, with anemic content done at the last minute with a feeling of resentment!) has rapidly put me off the idea of dong anything else blog related. :frowning: I remember when they were considered nothing more than vanity online diaries for teenagers…


Perhaps, but I still suffer from the same problem you mentioned, which is:

It takes a lot of time perfecting an article, for I have the perfectionists’ disease, and a lot of time researching as well :frowning: I guess that’s why I don’t put up a writing gig on Fiverr… it takes too much time compared to my current gigs, and I don’t like working for the same amount of money with twice or thrice the amount of time involved :grimacing: (oh, and I won’t even mention the horrors that come with article writing gigs, as I’ve heard on the Forum so many times)


Yep, that is me!