Why do people even bother?


I swear I need to go full throttle getting away from Fiverr. I don’t know how they have done it but the quality of buyers is just becoming appalling.

Someone orders an article and video about their skincare range. As soon as it is delivered, they start having a meltdown.

One line in the video read, “Beautiful Skin has Never Been Easier.” Apparently, this should read "A Beautiful Skin has Never Been More Simple."

Then there is a slew of tracked changes for the about page copy. Clearly, the buyer isn’t a native English speaker or that proficient. That’s fine. But why pay somebody to write your website content for you, if you are just going to re-write it in your own gibberish way anyway?

I’m not arguing though. I’m just going to give them the incomprehensible word soup they have requested and move on.

What is particularly odd about my last few problem orders, though. Is that each is in the $20 - $60 mark. It’s like increasing prices doesn’t matter anymore. :frowning:

Anyway, rant over. That said, do feel free to share your own horror stories. :slight_smile:



That’s the first thing I think of…

I have no horror stories yet but the multiple order guy obviously isn’t going to get back to me until I have 48 hours left, so I’ve sent him a message suggesting that we extend the timeline. So, I may have a horror story coming up soon.



Speaking of skin…


I wonder why there are there 3 X’s in the lubrication equation formula? :thinking:


It’s for adult movie directors, so they can have SMOOTH filming - and not to waste the lubricate - which is obvious. What do you think? :stuck_out_tongue:


I think I’d like to know less about what @razvan gets up to on a Sunday! :slight_smile: