Why can't I change my review?

You know on Amazon I can change my reviews whenever I feel like it, no pressure. In many other platforms as well are rather relaxed on how often I can change reviews.

I ordered several itmes on Amazon and accidentally review the wrong seller. I was able to change it.

Really, I find the reviews that have glowing but coherent and well written to be useful. I find bad review to be also really and more relevant than good ones. It’s not because I like seeing bad reviews but because I get to see how the vendor/seller responds.

The ones who have level heads and responds with an air of professionalism tells me something about the seller. That’s what I’m looking for.

To bring this long post to an end, I really don’t see what’s wrong with the ability to change a review on 5r. I don’t understand why everyone makes a big deal about it.

The inability to change reviews on 5r hasn’t changed the fact about 99% of reviews are still 5 stars and 99.9% of reviews are useless. What does “good job,” or any variation tell me as a buyer? Well. Nothing.

Could both of these be linked to the 4.7 requirements to retain/increase levels? I don’t think Amazon has that sort of feature for sellers.

So perhaps it would be possible if there weren’t levels for sellers based on feedback ratings from buyers?

  1. There were sellers who begged buyers to change bad reviews (you’ll ruin my business if you don’t, I won’t be able to feed my kids, pleasepleaseplease…) until they accepted.
  2. There were buyers who’d give a glowing 5 star review, and then threatened to change it to 1 star unless the seller did a lot more than agreed upon, totally free.

Not being able to change a review does have its advantages.