Who Should Have Ivanka Picked?




From this angle, both choices look like serial killers. One even has bars behind him. Is he already incarcerated? :scream:

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I assure you, she should have picked me, not any of those two guys. Both of them are lameish dudes. :roll_eyes:


I have seen a picture of the real you and I agree. But then you have youth on your side. :wink:

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Seriously boy, let’s see how you look like when you’re 38. Now go play with your toys. :hugs:

By the way, how old are you? 21? I lost my father at that age and built a house that is currently worth close to $1 million at 23. Again, go play with your toys :grinning:

Haha, view from my 2nd floor…I made sure the bars and doors are real strong.

Careful. You’ll only make you know who jealous.

Didn’t you also drop out of engineering school and ruin your chances of ever marrying?

Anyway, even though you are getting on, at least you’ve got the $$$'s to be able to afford some state-of-the-art hair plugs and fillers.

With a sympathetic surgeon, you could pass for 30-ish again in no time. :slight_smile:

That’s a first. I thought I had a full crop of hair. Maybe it appears like that in that picture. I was probably tired after continuous working. And maybe I hadn’t had a shower that day.

Here’s a more recent pic I took before my recent vacation.

I guess I’m a bit thinne here…been working out.

Well, actually, your head looks bigger.

Be careful how many images of yourself you share online. I’m already tempted to grab some and have voiceoverpete on Youtube turn you into a Who Should Have Ivanka Picked Meme.

Then all it would take would be one Tweet to DT and you could have Ivanka wade in on the matter personally.

That said, I am reducing my daily evils at present.

Objectively speaking the 2nd pic is better. Maybe I’ll use it for my WhatsApp profile. This is how a 38 year old looks like. The first pic was taken maybe 6-8 months back.

Yeah…but I guess they have worse things to worry about.

Would you mind sending me a copy of you on a white background so it looks better on my meme merch?

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Sure, but got articles to write. Some other day.

Will this meme work for your purposes?


Okay…but why used a morphed image? Use the original pic. Anyway f it, I’m busy. Have fun kids.

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It’s a meme. I can do whatever I like!

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Sadly, it’s not t-shirt friendly. Also, Ivanka looks a bit too Trumpy.

OK, I made this. It focuses on Investor’s macho credentials and huge portfolio, surely something which will attract the devine Ivanka from the clutches of boring Jared. Also, not morphed.

Of course, it doesn’t help that Investor uses a potato to take his selfies.

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Closer. I can’t play at the moment though as I have to write about 24/7 rubbish removal in Luton and then hop on a bus to go and pay my rent. :frowning:

I have a huge article about dry shampoo to write, so I’m just avoiding it today.