Whats your favorite YouTube Channel

Hello Everybaaaady… :raising_hand_woman:

As I am seriously very bored right now and don’t have anything to do, I thought why not create an interactive thread. :grimacing:

We all know how addictive YouTube is and how we are always binged to it. So hop in, join the ride and tell me about your favorite YouTubers/YouTube channel that you love the most and why.

Here are some of mine.

Tell me why

As a science geek I love this channel where they explain everyday life science questions by using animations and its simply amazing.

Dr Mike

God can we take a moment and just look how handosome he is… :heart_eyes:
Yep again, a love medical science, I love this channel and ofc the reason isnt his looks. :lying_face:

Food Fusion

and who doesnt love food? :drooling_face: Plus I can cook and bake really good. So yeah I follow lot of food channels. The best part about this channel is they dont talk for hours on how to boil eggs. The recipe ends in less than 3 minutes.

Vicky Justiz

Yep I do workout. Not that I love it but I have to stay fit. The best thing about her is she does it without those fancy gym equipment which obviously I dont have.

Safiya Nygaard

Well Honestly I love her accent. Shes natural and I am girl duh. So I find her videos fun.


Again, I love science.

Mr kate

I love interior decoration. and their videos are fun…

Well the list goes on with Pewds, iisuperwomanii, smosh and many other channels which I watch for laugh. If my list bored you, I am sorry, I am a nerd duh… So … :unamused:

Tell me about yours. I really need some new subscriptions. :slightly_smiling_face:


@CroftGirl that’s an interesting list. From all of those channels - I have watched only AsapSCIENCE.

Here is my list of favorite channels:

Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell

It’s a science channel that takes Optimistic-Nihilist view on various subjects, mostly space stuff, and environmental issues.


It’s business and politics channel - which boosts the critical thinking and debating skills. At least for me.

Wendover Productions

Similar to Polymatter, but I find them talking more about geopolitics.


I love to listen to old Soviet and Yugoslavian marches - and communist songs in general. I have no clue why - I just find them pleasing, and I analyze their brainwashing power.

DigitalRev TV

They used to be the TopGear for photography. I stopped watching them after Kai W. left, but they are good again, the new host is more informative and professional.

The Art of Photography

It’s by far the best channel for photography if you do get familiar with some of the basic concepts.

Some honorable mentions would be:
Casey Neistat (Thank you @JoeKamel for recommending him)
Geography Now
Half as Interesting
StaySee (relaxing music)
Lazy Game Reviewer
Mile Panika (local Macedonian channel for comedy sketches)

Youtubers that I used to watch, but they are too much biased or irrelevant at the moment:
IGN (biased)
Фчерашни Новости - a local channel for political satire. They are just plain boring now.
PlaystationAccess (they recycle the same content)

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Amazing. Loved these.

btw, I didnt know china ended one child policy. :scream:

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China has a major problem as their population started declining, hence why they ended the one child policy. IMO, India would be the most populated country, and the next China in terms of development. Of course, if they play their cards right in the next few years. It would be tough battle in your region, ultimate fight between the major players China and India. Of course in Pakistan, China would have more influence if the US doesn’t do anything. Okay, now I should stop.

Mine are:


Basically touring China by motorbike.


Cryptocurrency news.


More China stuff - Mainly social commentary

China Uncensored

More China news.


Needs no explaining, he’s just very funny

Lauren Southern

For my dose of non-fake news

Exploring with Fighters

Urban exploring in the UK.


Independent Sci-Fi movies (mostly very short but mostly pretty awesome.

That’s about it. Quite a lot of China in there when I think about it. However, that’s just because ADVChina amd Laowhy86 are like a cool uncensored version of Top Gear. (Before Top Gear became boring.)


Its already happening.

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Yep, it’s obvious for Pakistan, as you would never be an ally with India for various reasons.

It’s hard to say if China would have influence in Macedonia - as our current government is aligned with both the EU and the US. If I am correct the EU blocked China from building an express railway in Macedonia.


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Wow dont know how I missed it. :+1:

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China is a funny one. They buy their way in everywhere. However, even if they technically bought all of Macedonia, Ireland, Africa, or where ever, they wouldn’t be able to hold influence for very long.

People forget the insane finances and manpower it costs China just to keep its own population from uprising. (And they do rise up). You will never have a World War China, for example, just because as soon as military might starts being shifted overseas, Beijing will risk losing its grip on its own people.

Then you have corruption. It’s massive. You have hundreds of projects like the Chinese reboot of the Silk Road between China and Europe. In many places, they have secured all the rights they need to lay a super high-speed rail and tricking network. However, tens on millions go missing before breaking ground to build the infrastructure, due to corrupt party and regional officials.

In short, most places where you get China trying to buy their way into a country, the host country benefits by getting a new port etc, but China bleeds money and ends up making huge losses, componded by the way that they can’t really enforce any kind of collection on loans etc.

Of course, that is just my personal opinion. :slight_smile:

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I do agree, but in countries like Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, when we have politicians that have the brain of a donkey. China can do whatever they like. For example, the government in Montenegro signed a deal for a highway - that states if the Montenegrin don’t pay for the road in a period of 15 years, the Chinese government would take control of some islands and ports on their coast.

Also, the Chinese built a highway from Kichevo to Ohrid (two towns in Western Macedonia) - and they laundered money, all of the workers were Chinese - and now the highway isn’t functional due to the fact that the Chinese state company which was behind this project didn’t make the highway by all of the standards. Luckily, our government wasn’t as stupid as the one in Montenegro, where they would give something back in return.

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There is (or was) a similar situation in Georgia. Apparently China has rights to build an entire city populated by Chinese people. However, to put it politely, the Chinese aren’t known (at least today) for their high-quality building standards. Just Google the ghost cities they have which are already falling into ruin.

You are right that it depends on the politicians. Sadly, they’re corrupt everywhere. Here in Malta, it’s China who is running the 5g roll out. (While the company running the show is being kicked out of Australia, Poland, and other countries for spying.)

I just hope that the UK doesn’t really give their next nuclear power plany contract to China. That’s when you know you are asking for trouble. :frowning:

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Here are my List of Youtube :heart: I like watching things like top ten of almost anything and nature programs as indicated by my list below & of course, Dr. Mike because he is cute as a button (smart)!


I never watch Youtube. I never thought to do that, except to find help on how to fix something.

I must be missing something because you all are revealing another world on YouTube that I had not discovered.

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Well, hello there Ms. Lily! We’ve missed you all day today. I thought you forgot about us!


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It’s called Planet Procrastination and should come with a warning sign. Be careful. :wink:

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I had a big order to finish before tomorrow which is Monkey Monday!

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I have seen the ghost cities, at least they can put them to use for some of the Hollywood movies that they are funding at the moment.

Indeed, they are corrupt everywhere - but the extremes are different from country to country. Malta is corrupted they have the same mentality as the people from my region.

I don’t believe so, the UK doesn’t have low-IQ politicians as in the Balkans. In Macedonia, we have a politician which said in our parliament “I am a brand, I am a coca cola for all of you.”. If you ask @PsychoKitty they have a somewhat famous politician called Palma, he said that he would love Bethoveen to sing to his party when people started laughing he asked them if Bethoveen is too old and retired from singing. After that he had said that the best city in Europe is Dubai. Both of those donkeys that I have mentioned are MPs in their countries. :face_vomiting:

DARN, I SHOULD STOP WITH POLITICS. I AM REALLY STOPPING NOW, although it is an interesting subject.

PS: :cat2: don’t reply about Palma.



Amen to that! Many a time, I’ve missed doing almost everything, including eating while watching Youtube!


Gorillas are cleverer than sharks but you really shouldn’t try to feed either. :wink:

The difference between corruption in (on paper) richer countries, is that it gets dressed up better. If corruption was a pig, a UK politician could spend half an hour with it and have it walking into the room like Nicole Kidman in a Channel commercial.

In fact, some take that literally. Google David Cameron and Pig-Gate and you’ll see why.

Malta is a unique case. You literally have a rogue state with lots of money run by the mafia and all kinds of secret societies. You have everything here. Secret tunnels between government buildings, exploding journalists, a mental hospital where anyone who outs anything is carted off to before they go missing forever.

When you know what goes on, it’s a bit like living in a Dan Brown thriller. Hell, we even have underground temples with alien skulls in them. I can’t wait to be some where a little more corrupt in the normal sense actually. :wink:


Cameroon was caught in a scandal with the former Macedonian PM - you know the one that requested a political asylum. Mainly the had the same lawyer in Belize which laundered money for an offshore company linked to Cameroon’s college buddy, and the cousin of our former PM. I can’t recall but it might have been a controversy around the Marriot hotel in the city center here in Skopje.

Two years ago, Cameron’s wife, was caught again in a scandal working with a clothing manufacturer for her own line. The contract was given to a company run by a close friend of our beloved leader, where the employees were underpaid, overworked and a lot.

So yep, Cameron, is indeed a corrupted guy, so is every politician. However, they are not as stupid as the politicians here.

Couldn’t agree more about Malta!