What Would You Do? - Burn Kings Landing or Be Nice?


Well, I’m pretty sure I can’t be the only Game of Thrones fan here. In this case, what are your opinions on the last episode? - If you have seen it.

There is a lot of controversy in this season concerning the quality of the writing. I get that. Everything feels like it is happening too fast and a lot of character development has gone out of the window. Overall, though, I’m not some kind of superfan who gets enraged about such things. I have also largely liked the season so far, especially the last episode.

Conversely, it seems like some people really don’t like the last GOT episode. Apparently, Danny going crazy and burning Kings Landing down was a bit too crazy. I don’t agree. I would have done the same in her position. In fact, I might have gone a bit further, by getting rid of Tyrion too. Possibly, I might also have had John Snow meet with some kind of accident.

What though, are your thoughts?


No you are not alone.

Have you read the books? HBO deviates from them and George RR Martin has not published his last book which, BTW, was supposed to be out in 2015! :rage:


Me either.

Seeing Cersi and the Mountain get theirs was good.

I am torn. :thinking:

On one hand many innocents got killed when all Dani had to do was destroy the Red Keep. On the other hand she made her point that if she were crossed there were consequences to be paid.

Noooooooo! :scream: He and Arya are my favorite GOT characters!

No! No! It is by birth right his! I guess I agree with Varys on that.


No. But I have read most of the books which my other favorite show The Expanse is based on. I get why studios need to deviate from plot lines and mix things up a bit. However, it was pretty obvious even to me, that George RR Martin must have had little input on season 8.

The characters of Cersi and Danny are pretty lifeless now. They have hardly even had any dialogue. Cersi has just looked out of a window looking smug for 5-weeks, while Danny has started just looking glum whenever there is a new moody opportunity.

This does annoy me. However, I may read the books once they are all done to get a real George RR Martin ending.


Do, they are very good. I like how he writes. I am thinking of reading them again.

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This is why I think there will be a major plot hole when the series ends. The whole city was basically morally rotten. As Danny pointed out, all the other cities she has liberated have helped do it for themselves. Also, Cersi never actually surrendered. If Danny had tried to take the city amicably, she would have just ended up getting stabbed in the back by people loyal to Cersi a few minutes after taking the throne.

If everyone turns on her because of what she did, it will mean that they are forgetting all the years of murder and cruel subjugation.

IDK. I think Danny burned Kings Landing because she knew Tryion had some plan to protect Jamie and Cersi with the whole bell ringing business. He was also to blame for Varys getting flame grilled. It would have been better if he had just rekindled things with Sansa and stayed up north after the Night King was dealt with.

But he hasn’t done anything for it or even want it. He’s also being a bit too weird with the whole ‘we can’t be lovers now because you’re my auntie.’ The deed was already done. Instead, he’s treated her like some one night stand he keeps in touch with whenever he needs to borrow a dragon or two.

IDK. If I was Danny, I’d now just tell everyone how horrifically ungrateful they are, before setting sail back to Mereen. At least there she had a bit respect. Then I’d sit and wait for John Snow or someone else to come crawling whenever they need someone to fix their next Night King or Cersi problem. - Then I’d feed them to a dragon. :wink:

I kind of hope that is how it all works out in the end.


Me too.


I’ll stay clear of this thread, I don’t want no spoilers :eyes: The way I watch shows is by waiting for the whole season to complete then I watch it at my own speed - this way I don’t have to wait in-between episodes and lose track or forget things :wink: I get the best experience this way :grin:

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I’m curious, does this mean you have to spend most of the year in some kind of isolation tank? I can’t avoid spoilers. I tried to with WestWorld but then a blooming Fiverr idiot asked me to write a review of the last episode. - Meaning I had to watch the last episode first and read up on everything that had happened until then. :frowning:


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People loyal to Cersei? Who? Gregorstein? Qyburn? Jaime? And?

Remember that Shame, Shame, Shame scene? To say that people don’t like her would be a huge understatement.


I mean she would have just pulled some kind of ruse like she did at the dragon pit when she agreed to help fight the army of the dead. She would have surrendered but then had someone waiting in the shadows to take Danny out at the first opportunity.

Of couse, Danny will likely find it difficult to make new friends going forward.


Of course. “Do as I say or my dragon will burn you alive” isn’t the best way to make friends.


Dracarys! :fire: :dragon_face:

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Guess she did what missandei’s last wish/word was…

Anyways, she has become the mad queen to be precise. Sure, it does make sense that she wanted to make it personal and take revenge from cersie or the red keep, but she should have flown straight to cersie, without burning innocents alive.

The only sensible people left are Tyrion and Jon… Lets see what the next episode brings for us.

The green eyes that melisandre talked about that Arya will kill, now seems to be danny’s eyes.


Anyone fancy some mek.king / mekbastard? :eyes:





Yeah and then for having such patience of christ for sitting on a wheel chair for ages, we made him King of all kingdoms. :expressionless: