What on Earth is Happening with 5r ID Requirements?

Have I missed something?

I just visited the “No one here can help you, you will need to contact customer service chronicles” AKA the main forum. There is apparently a new kind of hysteria doing the rounds concerning ID requirements.

Now, I’m not happy that 5r wants my ID. However, I’m even less happy about not knowing the ins and outs of the whole affair. Usually, when I have to verify my ID, I need to do so via an app. If that’s the case with Fiverr, I will need to get a new phone as my camera on my current phone is worse than Mr. Value Investors potato camera.

I’m not going to do that if it turns out you can just send a copy of your ID via email. (Which is fine with Payoneer). In this case, would it really kill Fiverr to outline some official ID verification guidelines?

Moaning posts on the other forum seem to concern situations where people:

  • Have an ID but 5r won’t accept it
  • Have just been told they have to provide ID and basically have 2-weeks to get one
  • Go through the validation process but get told verification has failed

To me, all these problems could be avoided if Fiverr just put some official guidelines up somewhere.


They could just buy up one of those crypto ID with your smartphone camera apps to get a bunch of third world people IDing other third world people. They could call it ENGLIGHTEN just to up the screams of racism, too.

Half-jokes aside, yeah, if this is now a thing official guidelines are needed, particularly for countries where the primary ID might not have English on it. I noted on one thread someone piously mentioning how they probably didn’t accept Hebrew IDs either so it was OK.

It’s probably just another way to clean up the shop though, tbh, and therefore reduce algo woes/no sells for those lucky enough to be a freelancer uebermensch for the platform.


That was me, and I said was that it wasn’t racism (because the OP was screaming racism and discrimination against the Pakistani, as if all the other countries were English-speaking and had IDs in English). I never said the the whole thing was OK.

Pious? Me? Have you met me? :smile: :rofl:

Well, it’s Fiverr. Planning things properly is unlikely.


It did sound pious, though! And yes, I was getting a bit bored with his racist-discrimination rant too.

Will you try to kill me with copious amounts of rakija? :skull_and_crossbones:


But then who will be left to post on the forum? At the rate things are going, people will need to make multiple accounts to have someone to talk to :).

Yeah, And Co, Learn, and Fiverr’s other recent kids are a testimony to that.

What irritates me is how a company can be so arrogant. It doesn’t kill to be friendly.


That’ll certainly help the MEK FIRST SELL PRAY ME posts. Is it just me, or is the “pray for me” a new thing? Perhaps someone did it and everyone else copied it because it sounded good.

I believe Fiverr’s biz ethos is that famous boring one where you do everything to see what works and what doesn’t and you (etc). Of course, this is fine and dandy if you’re the CEO, but less fine and dandy if you’re trying to make a living and keep having to readjust because “that’s what entrepreneurs do” (when you’re on another entrepreneur’s successful platform as their chattel).


Err… All I meant was that, if an Israeli company forgot that their own citizens might have trouble providing IDs in the required language, it was likely to be an oversight and poor planning.

Do you want me to? :laughing:


I know what you meant! I was thinking more in terms of the overall debate with that guy ranting on and on then you saying your thing in a zen way to smooth the waters. I think I’ve drunk enough Cretan raki to do me for one lifetime… it was very good for a cheap night out when I was younger, since you got loads (of crappy stuff) for free at restaurants.


:thinking: Well, you are the psycho :cat2: so, … :laughing:



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Looks like the great cull of 2019 has started. It seems they can’t decide if English/non-English documents are acceptable, and are giving different answers when asked.


I’m now just waiting for the epic memes to start. I particularly love the fact that Fiverr allows restricted sellers to continue processing active orders. I mean aren’t restricted accounts not allowed to withdraw their earnings until they err… Prove their identity? :thinking:

Once again it seems like someone did an unflushable turd at Fiverr HQ, before someone walked in and said "Oh look! Marketing!"

I might be cheeky later and spam Reddit with links to Legiit to steer the tide of newly kicked in the balls by Fiverr freelancers from everywhere the British Empire didn’t touch down. :wink:


To be fair, you’d be giving Legiit to compostheads who are up in arms about buyers who don’t and ask free samples then will-o-the-wisp away into the dark ether (OP needed to be scammed by quite a few times to confirm his suspicions). Not too many people moaning about it on reddit - tonight’s bugbear is the completely avoidable free sample scam which OP deliberately tested a few more times to make sure it was a scam.

As I said, compostheads.

As for the ID debacle, I am still of the opinion that this is a covert way of dumping the undesirables. How many of them can really argue their corner (in English, intelligibly?). Nobody is going to listen to a badly-written semi-incoherent whine that looks like it has been through the Google Translate party and come out with the hangover of the century.

Freelancers need a proper, global union, period. I just don’t see it happening any time soon since it’s so complicated beyond the basic union. Until then, we’re on our own living the crapitalist gig economy dream. Bit like factory workers in the 19th century. My, my, how times change.

Reddit has made you bitter.

Also, what is this? Is everybody burning the midnight oil this evening/morning/whatever you consider 3am-4am in the morning?

Yes, and it’s so reassuring to know that Fiverr has such clandestine business practices. :thinking:

I’ll still preach Legiit to the Reddit masses. I like winding up your two only regulars, just because they are as fun as pavement slabs. :slight_smile:

More than just a bit.


I would say “fed up of other people’s :poop:” father than bitter, but I suppose that is a rather fine line to walk. Either way, I have at least four regulars. The other two simply spam the chatbox with “hi” once a month before crawling back under their rock.

My midnight oil burning very much depends on what my current body clock looks like - I believe its stuck on the East coast of the US at the moment. So, go me and my (currently tired) body…