What is the best or craziest book you've written?

Okay, so lets talk about freelancing! :open_book:

What’s your best seller? Did it surprise you?

If you haven’t written a book, what’s the craziest one you’ve ever read?

For me, surprisingly, my romance haven’t sold well - then again, I only have a few.

My best sellers are dystopian thrillers. I guess its more of a mystery about a future where women are scarse and they had to figure out how repopulate after WW 3.

I’ve been toying with the idea of making it a surprise and reveal it’s another planet that was similar to Earth. :slightly_smiling_face:

No women, Earth-like but not… Steer clear of plonking a statue of liberty anywhere and you’re fine.

My favorite strange book is City of Bohane:

Basically, it’s about post-apocalyptic drunk Irish people.

Otherwise, it would have to be One Big ■■■■ Puzzler:

Which is basically lots of crazy goings on in the South Pacific.

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