What do you think of my writing?

I have just posted my first article on Devs on Duty blog. My first encounter with blogging was like 3 or 4 years ago (Can’t really remember), when i launched a blog called The Tech Residence and needless to say, it was a complete failure.

It was such a wonderful experience tho. I made a new friendship with a guy who was the same age as me at that time. He also had a blog talking about space and rockets. He even sent me a video of himself when he first launched his rocket. It probably wasn’t a professionally-made rocket but for his and my age, that was mind-blowing to see. He was such a good friend and i liked how he was so fond of space and rockets, just like i was fond of tech and what’s around it.

Sad to say, our friendship ended by shutting down my blog. I couldn’t reach out to him anymore. I recently saw his Facebook profile tho from the recommends but i thought it would be so weird to add him and he might not even recognize me.

Back to the topic! Just to say, i really liked blogging despite how bad my blog was performing. I had a pretty good content on it but i couldn’t market it right. Nobody was literally checking my blog posts. I was just writing and reading my own work, that was pretty much it. And that’s why i stopped. I felt like it was a waste of time and money for me to complete in this journey.

But here i am again, after 4 years, back at it again and willing to give it another try. Hopefully, i won’t screw up like the last time.

My first article is about why photographers need a website for their photography business. It’s an article that will help me out with an idea i have in mind. Anyway, what do you guys think of my writing?

I honestly want to get back to blogging or just online writing for the many benefits it comes with it. I personally think blogging has really improved my English writing and made me aware of things that i didn’t really give my attention to, but turned out to be so important when writing to someone. Like the usage of commas, periods…etc.

Just found this masterpiece of my dead blog. Can’t really explain the amount of time and effort put into creating this cover through a Windows XP computer that literally might just shutdown on it’s own leaving you going absolute mad. Good days!


Hi Joe,
Does the address on your blog site work? I saw a few minor errors you might want to correct. For instance in one spot you did not space between the end of oe sentence and the beginning of the other.

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Hello Vickie! :hugs:
What address are you talking about? :thinking:

I certainly might have missed some stuff while writing. My writing is not perfect but hopefully it’s good enough to deliver the message. I honestly don’t proofread my blog posts after writing. I just make sure that i have understandable sentences with at least good grammar.

You should, otherwise you risk some of the potential clients giving up on you before they tried you out. :slightly_smiling_face:

Want to write on DoD blog? Contact us at ‘blog@DevsonDuty.com’

Now that I look at it, I see it is the address of the blog platform.