What do I do next?

I have a very easy life - writing articles and investing in stocks and making money. No family, no debt, no relationships. That’s fine, but I am in my late 30s, in the prime of my life, at the peak of my health, I need a fresh challenge.

Entrepreneurship could the challenge I’m looking for. I’m not sure what I’m gonna do though. But I want to do something that occupies me 24/7, on which I will be focused 100% without requiring a high capital investment.

Yeah, I need to make money as well, otherwise I wouldn’t be interested. I am not attached towards money, have simple habits, low expenses, but love making money anyway.

I’m reading Millionaire Fast Lane and Unscripted by MJ De Marco and that has got me thinking. What I’m gonna do, I don’t know. But once I get started, I’m gonna give it all, like I did to my first 2-3 years as a freelance writer.

(Oh God…I need to stop this “I ME MYSELF” as my mom said. Anyway, see you lot later, haha)

(Just a thought: I may pretend to hate feminists, leftists, liberals and the lot but I share the same narcissistic tendencies as they do. The only difference is I am smarter and more self-aware. Lot of young people these days are putting off marriage and having kids and focusing on career/jobs. I’m not sure that’s a good thing - the traditional way of life was much better. But I can see why people have turned narcissistic in general and put off marriage/having kids - They are lazy. Thinking the world of yourself is the easiest thing in the world. Narcicissm is easy. What’s difficult - earning someone’s love - earning the love and loyalty of someone of the opposite sex. Having children who adore you, depend on you, think the world of you. I don’t follow the traditional way of life, but that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate that. My way of life is unsustainable. It’s okay for me to follow it, 10 or 12 people to follow it. If it becomes a trend, that will lead to the collapse of society as we know it. My advice to young people: Just find someone and get married as soon as possible and have kids when you’re in your early 20s. That should be your priority, not jobs/business/career or whatever. Ultimately what matters is how many kids you’ve brought into this world, not how much money you’ve made. Your kids will remember you. Your money may not even get you a decent funeral, because who cares about you when you’re gone? Good luck!)

Anyway, all that stuff about family and narcicissm and children came through because I’m working for a “life insurance” website and I realized that I haven’t taken out a life insurance policy as yet because there is absolutely no one I can cover. Yeah, I can cover my mom, but she is 30 years older and independently rich. There is no way in hell I am gonna die before her unless I die out of heart attack on my laptop from reading some of Cy’s snarky replies…LOL

How about this for a pick up line: “Will you be my life insurance beneficiary” HAHAHAHAHA

I dare you to climb Mount Everest blind folded.

Kidding. My friends tell me kids are over-rated. They grow up, never leave the house and you have to clean after them well into their 30’s.

Shucks, I do miss the old days when we all used to have friendly chats! :grin:

Good to have you here VI!

Do you not have a bucket list?

I want to travel the world - have a long list of places I want to visit and see, try different cuisines, different adventures!

I don’t want to work for the rest of my life. I want to live with new excitement into my golden years. I want to die with a big smile on my face, overlooking the side of a mountain, while sitting crossed legged on a stone ledge, breathing fresh air.

You must have dreams. What are they?

Having a net worth of 301 crore rupees or $45 million before I die.


I went on a trip to Gujarat, a wealthy state recently. Came across someone who was worth 300 crore rupees. Since then I’ve made it my life’s mission to beat that guy before I die. 301 crore rupees. Not a crore less.


I don’t know. I don’t even know that guy’s name. But I can’t stand the fact he is richer than me, whoever he is. I have seen many rich people on TV, CNBC, financial papers etc. Who are much richer than this guy. But he is the richest man I have met in person who is not me. I gotta beat him. Otherwise what’s the point of my life? HAHA

Ideally…I wish I had this sort of life.

But since I’m too old and too rich and too cynical to trust any woman, I guess 301 crores it is.

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Where are you planning on taking it?

Honestly, you and your money hunger. Wouldn’t you rather earn bazillions of $$$$'s when you have an heir you can leave it all to as a legacy?

I would literally kill for $30K in the bank which I could use to take time out and write a good book or two. That has always felt like my purpose. To leave a story behind that makes someone smile or cringe in horror a 100 years from now. However, even I consider this selfish and egotistical.

Should crypto ever make me a millionaire, I will actually downsize, move to somewhere like Cambodia or Georgia, and open a school. Not a run by hippy language school, but a language, computer, and digital work skills school.

My purpose would be to help prepare young disadvantaged people for the real world. Alternatively, I’d move back to the UK and save all the homeless people somehow. Possibly, I’d buy a farm and staff it with homeless people to work as laborers with accommodation while they got reestablished into society.

I’ve met and associated with lots of wealthy people. Most of them were deeply flawed in many ways. In fact, someone told me that every rich man has a thief at heart and it’s true! When you work in high-end hotels, you have to spend every day chasing people who drop into the bar or restaurant, have an epic meal and then casually walk back to their yacht in the harbor.

The first few times you think “OMG! These people are so rich they think that money magically paves their way in the world without them swiping a credit card.” Then after a while, you start to see the ‘lets act completely normal now’ as they stand up to leave.

Of course, there are exceptions. You get the people who started out poor who make it rich and never forgot where they came from. They tip and prop up the bar after hours telling you, a commoner their life story. - Not because they want to boast, but because they want to leave an impression on someone that anything is possible.

Aim for that. Leave an impression on someone that anything is possible before you die, and look at getting even more wealthy as nothing more than a Chroistmas bonus.

Making money gives me a sense of purpose in life. That is all. If not for that I would waste away my life and end up as a depressed moron, mindless news/politics consumer or Twitter troll. Seriously, apart from making money I’ve got nothing going in my life. Anyway, see you lot later.

You still have your teeth! This is why you need a dog or a child. I prefer dogs as they stay as children and don’t cost more as they get bigger and ruder.

Go get yourself a stray tomorrow. You would probably do best picking up one from a shelter which has a craving for human attention rather than trust issues. Then start building your life together. You might be surprised where things take you.

Nope (20 characters)

Anyway Cy, I’m considering starting a “life insurance” website targeted at an Indian audience. I have made more than $5000 writing on life insurance and pet insurance for the U.S. market, so I’m gonna use some of that knowledge to target the Indian market. Will take 1 year to launch, it’s my first business venture and I am gonna do it systematically and hire the right people. You will be one of the two content writers for the site :slight_smile:

Make that 3, I may hire Lucy as well, if she is still around on Fiverr in 1 year’s time. SEO will be done by my friend from Gujarat, seriously smart dude. Web development - I will choose one of the local companies as I will have more control.

I’m honored. Hope you can afford me. :slight_smile:

Personally, I think you should just get a dog or a wife. - Or a wife with a dog.

You can’t take a life insurance website out for dinner, country walks, or shout at it “God darn it woman! What have I told you about ironing my socks the wrong way around!” These are the things I sense you are missing in life.


What about about an arranged marriage? Tell your mum you need a wife. Give her a list of your basic requirements. Then have your new spouse burst out of a gift wrapped box on Christmas day.

Or maybe just stick to insurance websites. :slight_smile:

Personally, I will never marry. These days the idea is about as much fun as someone trying to sell you a live piranha swimming experience. However, that could change if I ever end up in a nice backwater country where people still consider marriage as worth something.

In my mind, I picture a quaint farm surrounded by mountains. I’m sat outside having my morning coffee. In the distance, my wife appears carrying two buckets of water and a goat over her shoulders. When she reaches me, she says, " Husband. This life is too hard for me. My waters just broke again while I was plowing the wheat field. I think I want a divor…"

Then before she can finish, the sky darkens and shrieks start from the nearby village.

"Shame!" The first of the villagers cry as they start walking up the hill toward us. When they reach us, the men then comfort me, while the local housewives carry my spouse off to the local disobedience stocks.

By evening we are once again happily married and have an abundance of free local produce.

Sadly, the world today is a wicked place for us menfolk… :wink:

You could just marry a non-Indian and create a high-class backstory.

So wear Armani, smoke cigars, and don’t tell people you are an engineering dropout or an inheritor of massive wealth. Just be mysterious!

That blooming Mod tried it on with me once. I said, “Look, I’m flattered, but I’m really not into that.” Then he started showing up at my house in a Viking wench bodice at 3am in the morning. I told him he’d have better luck if he shaved first. That put an end to things. - Very attached to the beard you see.

Emmaki doesn’t secretly think you are gay. She’s probably just trying to stop you from flirting too outrageously. However, if you have gay paranoia…:eyes:

This sounds like what most single over 50 women say after their second gin and tonic. Did you write this while wearing big dangly earrings and overpowering perfume?

He’s beating you on the wife front, though. :slight_smile:

Didn’t work out for Jeffrey Dahmer, though, did it? He was pretty shameless. Also, I don’t think he had a very happy gay love life. :frowning:

I’m afraid I don’t have any of these characteristics. I’m more of a book guy.

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Here’s a list of things I have to do to started a Life Insurance website

#1: Get domain name, web host etc.
#2: Hire a web developer. Local company or a friend on Fiverr.
#3: SEO work will be done by my friend
#4: Social media Marketing etc. will hire somone from here.
#5: Content to be done my me, and if things go well, by some of my friends on Fiverr
#6: Get Insurance Brokerage License, IRDA license.

I’m not talking about Brother Eoin. Eoin is cool. A good friend.

Quit the online relationship/pursuit of happiness thing altogether. It never works out.

I had a date a while ago with a girl from offline. The real-word version was a parallel universe of chin hair and too many wobbly bits. Internet relationships rarely work.

It appalls me actually, how people let the Internet get so personal. You can’t fall for a person until you’ve had your olfactory senses exposed to their scent and had a bit skin on skin (though not necessarily risque) contact. - Think accidental electric hand touches as you reach for the same thing at the same time.

Mmmmhhh… Well, that’s me flummoxed. Maybe ask @RegiAdd if she can create some ‘Definitely NOT Gay’ forum badge for you. Then you can be assured no one will get crossed wires in future. :slight_smile:

This is the price of being a single man over 30. Society immediately classifies you as gay or a serial killer, sometimes both.

At least we don’t also have to worry about the cruel wrath of gravity like the womenfolk. :slight_smile:

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Hey Gina, delete the entire thread. As you said this is a PG site, so this thread is inappropriate for this forum :slight_smile:

Are you saying that because Cy is winning this battle? :grin:

I like heated discussions, as long as it’s civil.

Carry on, gents!

We need more gals here! ** Miss V & gang! ** :frowning:


It’s not a battle, just two old friends catching up and talking crap, as men tend to do.

And please, I deleted because you were worried about kids reading this stuff…

I don’t think I said anything inappropriate. All my misogyny was comical. Yours, not so. However, I’ve heard that this is to be expected from sitting U.S. Presidents. :slight_smile: