🎧 What are you listening to right now? 💃🏾

This thread is dedicated to :musical_note: MUSIC. Discovering new Artists and songs. Share them all here! RockNRoll, R & B, Alternative, Reggae, Electronic, Classical, Country, Trance, Jazz, and Soul, etc. Whatever flavor you’re in the mood for… Let’s have a listening party. Shake your :peach: and show us your dance moves. :dancer:t5: :man_dancing:t3:

If you want to dedicate a song to someone this is the place to do it. :heart_eyes:

I’ll kick it off.

I’m listening to the spicy latina Shakira - "Whenever, Wherever"

I’m listening to Janet Jackson "That’s the way love goes"


Takes me back to my gym days of the late 90s/early noughties! :slightly_smiling_face: :muscle: :bike:

My favourite track:


@weeyin Very Nice! Listening to this while I work. Love trance, brings back memories. I’m trying to visualize you having a blast. :sweat_smile:


Dedicating this one to @TheFreaky :stuck_out_tongue: this is perfect for you to get through semester final exams. I’ve got two exams this week. :weary:

Destiny’s Child. "Survivor"


In the last couple of weeks, I am in the mood for “local” songs.

I’ve been planning to purchase budget audiophile-grade headphones. To enjoy music even more. The thing is, it is really hard to make a decision as you can’t really test the headphones before purchasing here. And the way you enjoy music is very subjective, as some people love boosted bass, some people like balanced headphones and etc.

I know what do you think, no, beats are not great headphones. I am talking about AKG, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, Audeze and etc. :joy: Yeah, I assume most of you have never heard about those brands.


Got a pair of these:

because we’re semi-detached and my neighbour doesn’t like EDM! :slightly_smiling_face:


I thought nobody here knew about Sennheiser - and then Weeyin, you proved me wrong.

Those look cool! Plus, you don’t need an AMP/DAC as they are wireless.

I am thinking between:


Alternatively, I will settle for:

They are gaming ones, but Steel Series know how to create a decent headphone for all-around use. :slight_smile:


I got these as a gift a couple of years ago - they’re not bad for gaming headphones:

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Where’s the translation button. :sweat_smile:

Agreed BEATS are overrated. The base isn’t that great like they pretend it is.


I only use Logitech or Steel Series from the gaming brands. Everything else seems to be in lower quality (at least for the Eastern European market). I had bad experiences with Trust, Gembird, and Genesys. Razer, ROG (Asus) are hit and miss.

There are some new brands from China which seem to be great and praised by gamers. They have difficult to remember names.

Beats are the same thing as Apple, you pay for the brand. Although, one audiophile told me that they do have great sound reproduction lately. But you just pay a hefty sum for the brand.


Lol, I use my Bluetooth earbuds. But then I listen to books instead of music.


They’re great. I’ve got them.

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Which model and do you use an AMP/DAC?

I just plug them into my laptop, so I guess not?

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They are 24 ohms, they don’t really need external AMP/DAC if your laptop has good enough sound card.

Err… I have no idea what’s my sound card. :smiley_cat:

This is my laptop:


You all gotta listen to this masterpiece.

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This was my workout song this AM. I wore legwarmers and everything. :smile:

C+C Music Factory - Gonna Make You Sweat


Now that I take care of my grandbaby, I have been listening to a lot of lullabies. I find them very soothing.

I also enjoy listening to Celtic Woman as I work.