What "About Me" 😕


Contributing Author: Anonymous

Contrary to popular thinking, a good bio is just as important (if not even more so) than a resume. Whereas a resume lists the personal details, education history, job experience, etcetera. of a person, a bio provides a more thoughtful insight that is a summary of sorts about the person’s life.

Bios can range from a paragraph to a page depending on where they are being used and usually are written in the third person to convey information about someone as an engaging, short narrative.

About me bios are useful in many situations ranging from a networking meeting to maybe the bio section in your professional social media page. Put concisely; a bio can really get you places. In this article, we have collected and explained the prime reasons which highlight the importance of a good about me bio.

  1. It contains exciting information which a resume does not

A good about me bio will talk about you as a person; i.e., it will include insight into your attributes, writing style, reputation and even a bit about your hobbies at the end. Resumes can only mention statistical information which may very well be in common with a gazillion other resumes – however, your about me is thoroughly and uniquely about you. You can style your bio in whatever way you want which gives you the freedom to display the information of your choice.

  1. Bios are useful in networking meetings

It is common knowledge that companies hire 20% of their recruits through newspaper advertising and agencies, and the remaining 80% from friends, family members, professional job sites such as LinkedIn and in short, familiar faces. A strong professional network can work wonders in getting you that job for which you are craving.

When participating in a networking meeting, handing out a copy of your resume to the people present is quite an awkward and risky move. It gives out the signal that you want a job from them; whereas chances are they may not have a position in store for you at that time. Moreover, the networkers may end up concentrating more on fixing your resume instead of the meeting. Handing them a great bio will make you memorable in their minds right up until the moment they find a vacancy for you.

  1. Bios can be used in multiple places

A single bio can be used in a variety of situations by just switching around the details as appropriate. For example, if you need something for a charity event, you focus more on your post on the charity and say that you are an active member of the fundraising committee, and so on. However, if you are making a bio to use in a business proposal, a degree in management will come in far more useful than your charitable contributions.

  1. They won’t bore the reader

In the slight (but genuine) possibility that your resume hasn’t worked wonders in impressing the employer, your bio might still be able to do the trick. Write in an honest, passionate way in your tone and do your best in expressing yourself within those short, sweet sentences: luck may shine on you after all!

Possessing a good about me bio is essential to securing a job these days. Along with a copy of your resume, the bio will provide a refreshing look into your life and personality and may very well be the reason behind your recruitment.

As mentioned above, bios can also be used in your social media page, as a small introduction for someone to give about you in their speech, in networking meetings, to provide agents and much more besides. The internet is full of resources to help you get started in writing your very own bio. We assure you, the initial effort will pay off substantially.