What a Joke

So a buyer on Fiverr orders my basic $15 cryptocurrency article writing gig. After their requirements, they then say that this is a test order and if they like my work, they will hope to arrange some kind of deal going forward.

Long story short, I deliver and the buyer comes back with:


And here’s a taster of their order requirements:


In short, will you accept $26 for $45 worth of work and make sure each article includes research on and details of several talking points? - Err… NO!

But it gets better.

After I politely declined this generous offer to enter indentured 21st Century slavery, I get a whole barrage of insults, accusations that I have wasted the buyers time, and a warning that they will now be going to CS. Why? Because:

  1. If I didn’t want to offer a discounted rate on future work, I should have canceled the first order.

  2. Apparently, I did previously agree to work for $10 per order before my buyer placed their order.

Now, I most certainly did not agree to such a discount but guess what? The buyer has proof!

Yes, apparently. almost 2-years ago, I offered my buyer a $10 per article price. What he doesn’t state is that as well as almost 2-years ago, this was for a 300-word article (as that is what I offered then) and did not relate to my crypto gig as it did not exist at that time.

So, this will make it the second time in a week that I have attracted a certified lunatic. Any bets on how many I might attract by the end of the month?

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Hm, I’d probably hit up CS with that with big red rings around the date and get my oar in regarding the unprofessional and unwarranted abusive conduct. And block him, obvs.

I do not wish to depress you with my Nutter-Magnet Estimate (NME!), so I will stay quiet on this one…


To be honest, I’m not doing either. I’ve already politely laid out the facts. I can’t be bothered to go to CS every time a maniac orders from me. This one has also seems to have taken the hint and just crawled away to sulk.

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I like it when they do that. It’s the little personal victories that can make the day a little bit brighter!


I’d still feel better if I knew that karma will soon bestow them with some kind of flesh eating disease.

They may have one already which started in their brain, which is the root cause of this incident in the first place. Fun fact: when I was still writing erotica books, if a client was being super annoying they’d get a starring role in a very nasty genre of adult book. It was quite therapeutic (if time consuming and only marginally profitable).


I understand this. However, I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable mentally disrobing my clients, before letting imaginary perverts have their wicked way with them. That said, I can’t write erotica anyway. Murder and gratuitous violence is fine. Getting down and dirty just makes me worry about my gran looking down in disgust at me from the big Nana’s kitchen in the sky.

Well, I’m going to :pray: you won’t get any more but who knows! Whenever I read one of these things from you all, I realize how normal and boring of a buyer I am. I draw zero attention and excitement in the lives of my sellers! :laughing:

Me too! :grin:

I really had zero intention of letting eRom or eThrillers be a thing for me, it was supposed to be a fun way of destroying people I don’t like by using their first names in a book I knew they would never read. It ended up being quite a bit of fun.

Well, now back to my regular Thriller/Mysteries! :open_book: