Well, this is going to be interesting

The title of this video is pretty self-explanatory.

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I added it elsewhere to make my life easier later lol

LOL! You can say Reddit, heck you can even post a link to it - I don’t mind. :slight_smile:

Oh, I know that! I just prefer to be more circumspect sometimes!

EDIT: in any case, the 90-day period hasn’t ended yet, which I feel Pete must know, so I’m on the fence about the video. I expect his army - already having fun on Twitter - don’t know this though.

And I respect your desire to be circumspect! I had to look that word up because I had no idea what it meant!

I thought that it was a 90 day clearance period on banned accounts due to what used to posted 10x’s a day about banned accounts on the main forum. If the twitter is going crazy already then - well, maybe folks should read the TOS first.

On the VOP matter, I can actually see both perspectives. I can see where Pete is coming from but honestly, I actually do see 5r’s POV as well. I’m not taking either side, I think the whole situation could have been handled better.

I have to ask myself if this was my platform, what would I have done? There is probably a team of attorney’s giving legal advice and buzzing :honeybee: all over the place!

The TOS is pretty clear from my POV:

Sellers will be able to withdraw their revenues from disabled accounts after a safety period of 90 days following full verification of ownership of the account in question, from the day of the last cleared payment received in their account and subject to Greenboi’s approval.

There was also a juicy snippetrumor about Epic Games getting all legal action (with YT) over dodgy meme videos, so he gave a theory that this might be why he was banned. It does make sense in the complete volteface/turnaround that he completely got.

Either way, I expect that in a couple of weeks he’ll get his money, and tell his army that it was all thanks to them. PR is fun! In the meantime, there will be no corporate statement, and a certain community manager will announce FREEDOM, a new initiative that blahs to general underwhelm and “that’s nice dear” from the usual suspects.

Then the karmic balance of the universe will be restored, or something. I do think that his success manager and all the other people who were high-fiving him and calling him champ could have worked with him a little after his fall from grace - that would make me a lot more irate than the money, tbh. But that’s where legal comes in, innit?

I’m sure it’ll get worse better after the billion-dollar IPO. :upside_down_face:

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I never even heard of VOP until the whole fiasco. Him getting banned on 5r has given him great exposure. He probably has a bigger following now than before.

Well, of course! :smile:

He only posted on the forum to hype his FL meetups really. One time he had some random merch from other companies on offer to giveaway to attendees, which I thought was a bit off (it was your typical corporate merch crap).

He’s grown on me since. I like his YT persona a lot more!

Speaking of meetup arrangers, whatever happened to the Lizard VO family and Queen Lizard’s relentless knack for self-promotion? Or our favorite failed Hollywood actress-turned-lush? I kinda miss the old forum sometimes :frowning:

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I’ve been looking to get some voiceover done so been looking and she is a TRS now. I don’t know how often she goes to the official forum as I only go there when someone here brings up something interesting once in a blue moon.

I wonder if the actress is still around? Didn’t she fold shop at one point? :thinking:

The last two times I looked at the 5r forum, it was all bunch of boring hum drum of newbies asking same questions. It was a snooze fest. The only thing 5r talks about is 5r and after a while it’s sooooooooo boring.

The old days were more fun. Someone once said, you can’t go back. I guess the fun is permanently done/over with!

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Yep, my experience too. The same thing, over and over and over (etc) again. Although there was a good one recently in which one poster criticized the spellcasting category and fun n wotsit in general, causing another poster to rise up in great ire. Statistics were produced from an unnamed source and dismissed as being unreliable.

OK, it wasn’t that good. But it was something. Better than first sales, promotion questions, dull news and generic plagiarism. I think the actress folded shop one night then unfolded and came back on the forum, but she’s been quiet.

Shame really. It was good inbetween jobs stuff to read… (and sorry for the OT cy!)


Account no longer there.


Hm… the video is trending on r/videos btw. Comments are what you’d expect with a few interesting nuggets like the below.

The strike is likely for that event shown in the middling bit of the vid - is that really strikable, though? Public event and all that…

Hey, I missed rising up in great ire! It looks like that was removed. What did she say this time?

Basically that the fun and stuff category is very popular and there are a lot of people who are very good at what they do and why are you criticizing us? You know, the usual.

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Meh… Is she ever going to be actually fun?