Watch Out for Repeat Buyers Ordering from New Accounts


It would only help the sellers who get contacted by the buyer first. :confused:

During that kind of messaging, I quickly check the buyer through his profile and through a quick google Fiverr review search to see how the buyer has rated other sellers. If I find the buyer has given several negative reviews, I avoid them by saying we are not a good fit. :roll_eyes:


Personally, I think it would hurt his seller profile more. He can always forgo reviewing so the seller can’t review him in return and therefore go on with his terrible bullying ways.

There are still flaws in the review system. :frowning:

I’ve either stop reviewing sellers or for those I know who are good with it, I ask them not to do one for me. I give them a snapshot of what I wrote, so their minds will be at ease (far as I know, there is nothing in the TOS that says I can not give the seller an advance peek at what I wrote).

Of course, they have to wait 10 days for my review to pop up. Even though most of them are repeat sellers of mine and really good at their job, it’s still gotta be frustrating to have a blind review system in place. You never know when a buyer will go :bat: :crazy_face: on you.

Edit & Off Topic: I just love that bee with the pencil and megaphone! It’s so cute!


Depending on what the review of John_Doe says, Betty_the_Seller might decide to cancel because that will do her less harm than working with John_Doe.


I can see your point.

At the same time, it’s still kinda sucky that you get hit with a cancellation on your stat or even demoted. Then again, at least you’re saving time and headache. :slightly_smiling_face: