Watch Out for Repeat Buyers Ordering from New Accounts

Days like today, Fiverr really annoys me. Earlier I received one of those ho-hum, this person is new to Fiverr so make sure to make an awesome impression reminders.

Begrudgingly I clicked through to the order. I say ‘begrudgingly’ as so far I’ve had to immediately cancel most orders like this… And probably I should cancel this one too.

The buyer is not new to Fiverr. He has already placed a few quite large orders with me. However, his account is brand new and after some digging, his old account doesn’t exist anymore. There were also a few warning signs before this in the way they communicate.

Now, for some reason, my Fiverr ratings will not go anywhere but down at the moment. As it stands, I have exactly the same stats as I did during the last monthly evaluation. This is just odd as I haven’t had any cancellations since and nothing tallies with my order volume. That though is perhaps a topic for another discussion.

Anyway, to avoid a cancellation (and hopefully also a chargeback) I have messaged the old/new buyer. I’ve stated that multiple accounts are against Fiverr TOS, explained why I have reason to be suspicious, then said ‘sorry to have to point this out’ but just in case any order you place with me is cancelled after delivery, I have a 100% success rate enforcing my copyright with website hosting providers.

The only question is, what do I do after I deliver this order? Should I block the buyer? Or should I take a chance and continue to accept orders, despite irregularities in their account identity?


Have they requester a chargeback or a refund on the previous orders with you?

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This raised my eyebrows. A major turn off for me. You should ask what happened to their previous account. Not that he will say he broke TOS but sometimes minor mistakes lead to account suspension. How was his behavior with you in previous orders?


No. However, if they had, I wouldn’t have been surprised. They have raised alarm bells before by being very precise with the way they word requests. My gig offers 500-words of writing for $15. They message asking for 5 x articles on a certain topic, ask how much, then ask that I send a custom offer detailing everything discussed.

After delivery, it becomes a case of, "we were looking for something longer here, maybe 1,000 words per article. Also, you never put a cap on the word count in the custom offer you sent us."

Because of this, I refused to give them a custom offer after their first order and made them order directly from my gig. Their location was them also jumping between ‘unspecified’ and ‘Europe.’

Basically, my gut says to be very careful. Should they chargeback on previous orders, I’ll be down $300+ and I’m sure this crossed my mind previously when I was debating to block them or not.


I’d say go for it. There are a lot of “beware” signals here.



There is a small chance he had to reset his account for various reasons. My old account was ga_riley2 - which I had to reset because of glitch. It was a nightmare getting customer service to release my email so I can use it for my new account. << very small chance >> If he’s talking about money, I :eyes: trouble.


Has the buyer’s review being displayed helped anyone here with making the decision to work with or block a buyer from ordering?

I’m just curious if it’s been helpful to sellers at all. I figure the scam buyers would just cancel and create a new account. Of course, that would not be feasible for a buyer who is also a seller, unless he/she has two accounts for selling & buying.

I dunno, just wondering. I’m in the USA CST so it’s only 6:30 here! I know everyone else is sleeping.

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No. It’s not helpful. Not leaving 5-stars for buyers makes you look like a angry ranty person, especially when you are sure they are going to mark you down but don’t. You can not leave any review for them. However, then it takes 10-days for new reviews to show up on seller profiles and that can lead to a bit of a sales slump.

Also, it’s not like you can check buyer reviews in advance of people ordering, at least not in every case. I can’t even be bothered. It’s all just a bit needless really.

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I was thinking the very thing. A new buyer can be actually a new buyer or a scam buyer who created a new account, like the one you experienced. Not that if you knew in advance, you can stop him/her from ordering from you.

I suppose it can make the buyer feel somewhat good but I also noticed that most reviews on buyer profiles says something simple like:

  • Thank you
  • Nice working with you

I did see few bad reviews but a day or two later their account has mysteriously disappeared. :thinking: I wonder why? :laughing:

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Well, problem buyers take offense at everything anyway. Politely asking them to clarify what they want can result in "IF I HAVE TO TELL YOU THEN I MIGHT AS WELL DO IT MYSELF!"

When they see they have been rated with just 3-stars, I imagine that some just go straight out and hire a hitman.


Ha, ha, ha! You are a riot! Lily write a doozy for one of her trouble client! ":roll_eyes: I wonder if he’s still there.

So, @glacierlily is he still around?

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Not me! I am in USA MST. I am often the one who is awake the latest.

Do you mean the preacher guy?


CS canceled his order. :roll_eyes:

Which in hindsight was probably best for my profile. BUT really wanted to blast :bomb::exploding_head: him.

Yea, agree it was definitely better that way. I’m just sorry you missed your grandson’s event.

I swear sometimes being nice just doesn’t pay off.

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In hindsight, I wish I had gone. :disappointed_relieved:

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They introduced this new system to stop the plague of meaningless TYVM reviews lol (according to my manager). But honestly, if I have nothing nice to say (or just nothing to say at all), what else am I meant to put? I’ve only put one seller on blast with a 1-star review (he deliberately ordered a basic gig while demanding premium, eventually coughed up with standard, then asked to use a discount coupon, among other things).

He left a 5-star review lol. I was too angry at him after this odyssey of BS to care about appearances. Mind you, he has a lot of “thank you” 5-star reviews so shrug.

Right, back to nightmare first buyer of the year now - yes, that same guy, who took second to order, ages to provide the information, then ages to provide more information when the initial information was wrong (I caught this, thank God). Should finish his stuff today - I will be apoplectic if I get anything less than 5-stars (I’ll settle for 0, too).



Didn’t work. :smile: I suppose most just rate with TY or just thanks just so they can see their reviews.

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If I have a poor experience, I am willing to share my opinion of the buyer.

However the only bad experience I’ve had in a long time canceled. I think it was not because of the $10 he would lose but because he knew I would give him a bad review.

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Well, my biggest question is, as someone said above; even if you did give John_Doe a doozy of a review, how would that help with Betty_the_Seller?

As a buyer (John_Doe), wouldn’t he be able to order from anyone he wants. At that point Betty_the_Seller can look at his profile and see a bad review but it’s too late. If she cancels, she’ll get slapped with a cancellation on her stats! :frowning:

The big question is that for other buyers (Gina_the_Buyer) considering buying John_Doe’s services sees that he has several bad reviews on his profile not as a seller but ( as a buyer ) would that deter Gina_the_Buyer from buying from him?

Yes, absolutely! If he’s a troublesome buyer who is a nightmare to work with then Gina_the-Buyer would not want to hire him to do anything with her. She’d automatically think he is a scam artist. It would only hurt him as a seller but not as a buyer, if what I am saying makes sense to you.