VO Freelancers & The I Deserve More Cult


This may seem controversial but voiceover freelancers are really starting to grind on me.

Over the past year on that platform which a lot of us are familiar with, I’ve noticed a trend of new VO freelancers really taking the biscuit as far as commercial rights etc go. It never used to be like this. You could see a voiceover gig advertised at a certain price, buy it and move on. Now prices are all over the place and in my opinion, are confusing, deceptive, and increasingly out of touch with reality.

I know that this might seem a bit blunt/accusatory, but I’ve bought quite a few voiceovers in my time on one particular platform, and the results have been… Well, mixed bag and completely rubbish. That said, I never used to mind that much. In many cases, I could clean up things like static and background noise myself to an acceptable standard. However, now things aren’t that simple.

Today I was looking for a VO artist. My budget is $35 - $50. On Pro VO sites like Voiceover Bunny, I can get a perfectly acceptable VO for a flat rate of $35. In fact, Voiceover Bunny is currently my go-to site for voiceovers. For $50, I can get that guy a certain freelance platform recently banned, plus possible inclusion of a finished video on that ex-sellers Youtube channel (AKA free marketing).

Conversely, on the platform which I know many people here are veterans of, I can search for voiceovers, see prices starting at $5, but then read the small print and discover that I need to also purchase $25-$100 commercial licenses if I ever want to do anything with it. Moreover, in many cases, this seems ridiculous.

Freelancers can have few (if any reviews) and when I play portfolio samples (I have an ear for this btw) I can hear a voice I maybe like, but tell in an instant that recordings are being done via phone, laptop mics, or are just horrendously infused with static and background noise.

Now, this is obviously not all freelancers. However, it is many and it just turns me off. It’s like people have scanned the marketplace and started emulating other sellers prices, without first investing in the tools of the trade, or even an attempt to build their reputation.

This would be the same as a completely new writer charging $100+ for a single blog post. i.e. It’s not the quality of the post that matters, it’s the fact that it might be seen by a few people. - And to me, this is a kind of cultish egomania.

Now, to be clear, I have nothing against voiceover freelancers charging for commercial and broadcast rights. It just seems to me that a lot of new freelancers are saying “I’m a voiceover artist, I can charge the same as people with 5-years in the game with zero proof of my ability.” And this makes me shake my head and just click away to places like Voiceover Bunny.

All that said, the VO guy on that place who does the movie dubbing, is a killer deal if ever you need a really professional VO. Also, his prices are very reasonable. :slight_smile:


I thought that guy just does voice over in Spanish.


No. He does VO’s in English too. He stresses he has an accent but he has a great voice and comes across in a kind of easy international way. Also, you get a real studio recording. No background noise. Just a voice which women want to sleep with and men grimace in envy of. :smile:


Definitely, that guy is a true pro. I mean his own portfolio tells a lot. I must admit, I have never seen his profile on Fiverr, but I always lurk on his movies thread on big brother’s forum.

Edit: I just went to his profile, his voice overs are great. Imagine if I do VO in my Slavic accent, how fun that would be. :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually, that would be an awesome niche. Figure out how to offer voice overs and offer the slavic accent. Not everyone hires in America. I get job notifications from companies looking for English writers in Tbilisi, Georgia. (Because I have dreams of moving there). Previously I’ve picked up huge clients like 21st Century Realty, simply by being boots on the ground/familiar with a location they are entering for the first time.

Think about it. :wink:


Yep, that might be an interesting niche. My sister liked to create a voice over gig. I always promise her that I would buy a “BlueYeti” mic, and some pop filters so she can try.

WOW, you actually had a lot of great clients, 21st, SUPERDRY… that’s actually super-cool!


Yeah, but they don’t stick around forever. :frowning: You get huge highs but… Then you get the lows. Really, I should pull out my marketing finger again. I’ve been very lazy this year. It’s getting old. As soon as you are past 30, you just want to moan about politics.

Of course, I do keep hunting buyers. Booking.com is in my target at the mo. They aren’t biting. But they might eventually :slight_smile:


Cy, your writing is mind-blowing with clear thought and witty. I actually try to improve my writing and communication ability by reading your long posts - they help a lot. :wink:

I am off to sleep, as I have a test tomorrow. #CollegeSucks


Just remember me when you are in the money. :slight_smile:

Good luck for your test. I don’t think you need it but there it is. :wink: