Vintage Video Games


 Times change and I understand that, but sometime I just can’t stop myself form remembering the good old days of gaming. Back then games were all about being fun and engaging not about offering a cinematic experience. Retro games were all about how fun a game was to play which is something about which the majority of developers today have stopped caring. I do not mean to say that modern games are not fun to play, but there is no denying that most games today lack the appeal, creativity and replay value that good old retro games like Pacman & Space Invaders used to have.

 The Improvement in technology has allowed developers today to make games much more complicated and visually stunning. Even though games look incomparably better and are longer, I’d still prefer to play games on an Atari merely because they were simple and were created for the sole purpose of being fun. I love good graphics just as much as the next guy but when a developer is prioritizing how great the game looks more than how well it plays – it is just not a good game. It was not about who could push a console’s hardware to the limits it was all about who could make the most entertaining video game. Although it was short and straightforward, those games had high replay value.

 I still remember coming home from school and breaking out my Atari and playing Pacman and Space Invaders. These games are two of the best retro games as well as being perfect examples of what a game should and should not be. Both of these games were short but challenging and engaging while being simple to play.

 If a new game comes out today, the entire first stage or mission is mostly a tutorial telling you how the game works and teaching you the mechanics. However, even after all that, most games still hold your hand and walk you through the entire process which is why kids today “think” that old school games like Pacman or Space Invaders are “hard.” If Pacman came out today the first stage would probably teach you how to move and would automatically save after every level.

 The real appeal of retro games was having to figure everything out on your own while advancing through levels by trial and error. To this day when I played Space Invaders which is arguably one the best retro games of all time, I cannot help but enjoy how the game slowly becomes more challenging and fun. It is that simplicity yet challenge that keeps me going back for more.

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Indeed. Kids these days have it easy with all their cheats and save points. I remember being brought to the brink of suicide by having to start all over again after reaching the final round of Return of Shinobi on the Mega Drive, only to be killed immediately.

That’s real gaming. No infinite attempts to advance levels. Just cold hard square eyes and consoles perpetually kept on pause as you have to attend to school and life in between advancing to the next level of Street Fighter.

The games that shaped me growing up were slightly different to yours. My first gaming experience was with Back to the Future on the Commodore 64. That had to be plugged into the downstairs TV so wasn’t ideal. In this case, I skillfully manipulated my divorced parents that Christmas. My Mum I got to ask Santa for an Alba TV, and my Dad I asked for a Sega Master System.

Then it was Echo the Dolphin, Home Alone (on the Mega Drive) and Bloodshot.

I did play Space Invaders once but on a flat for-purpose table console in the lounge of a Blackpool guest house. I think that would be worth a fortune these days.

Nowadays I can’t game. Halo, Resident Evil, and Doom have previously seen me call in sick for work and become a complete gaming junkie. I, therefore, only dabble when suitably rich enough to not care about real life demanding my presence . :slight_smile:

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My older sons loved Pac Man and Space Invaders.


I had 3D Pac Man and I remember older relatives being astounded by the graphics compared to the original they played. Now I’m that old person who gazes at new games struggling to find words for how real they look. God knows what the gaming and VR world will look like in the future.


My first ever game was some DOS version of “Super Mario” which got me hooked on gaming ever since. Lately, I don’t have a lot of time as I used to a few years ago.

All of you are older than me, and I have missed your childhood games. Other old games that are among my favorite are “Jazz Jackrabbit”, “Toy Story 2”, “Tarzan”, “Hercules”, “ReVolt”, “Command & Conquer”. From the newer games, the only one that impressed me is “The Last of Us”.

From the oldies I forgot “Crash Bandicoot” and “Crash Team Racing”.

I am console peasant, to be more precise - a playstation fanboy. I still own the original PS1, and a lot of games for it (pirated copies), Gamecube, PS3, and a PS4.

Both my PC and laptop are able to play the latest gamed at middle/high settings with steady frames. Just I don’t like gaming on them as they remind me of work…


OMG! How did I forget Crash Bandicoot? You can’t be that young. What are you a fetus?

I finally quit gaming in 2008 when I got awfully addicted to EVE Online. Now I use a linux desktop which is rubbish for gaming unless I play old classics through an emulator. That said, I do have a Windows 10 hard drive which I can plug in and which I recently used to waste 14 hours playing Fortnite for the first time.

This is why I can’t game. It’s like crack cocaine to me.


I am 21, but consider that in the 00’s we had the trends from the late 90’s (Macedonia was in a transitional period, and we had hard time catching up). That’s why I was able to catch some games that are actually older than me.

Plus, I had a shitty PC until 2011 which allowed me to play only ancient games. That’s why I appreciate retro games.

All of my sons loved the Legend of Zelda.

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That’s a classic that I never got to play.

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My God! You are a child! I feel really bad now about detailing all my adult dating calamities on another post. Don’t worry, though, when you are 21 - 27, the world is your oyster. :slight_smile:

To be honest, a lot of rubbish old games are the best. I have a laptop set up with Windows XP which I use to play old games. Also, you can download most 2000 - 2010 titles FOC from certain websites which gives you thousands of hours of free gameplay. :wink:


When I first met Freaky on the Forum, I thought he was older too. His avatar looked older to me. Being the newbie, I sent him a PM uninvited. I noticed he had talked about beer on the Forum and since I have a son who brews beer, I sent him a PM.

Then I discovered how young he was! I can not remember if he was 20 or 19 back then? :thinking:

Don’t you just hate it when you think you’ve scored but after sending a PM you hear a police siren?


Freaky does indeed seem older. I’m a bit troubled by that actually. To me its not right for a kid (albeit a mature and intelligent kid) to be throwing himself at the mercy of the gig economy. That said, who knows what can happen when you pair 21-year old super brains with th still evolving gig economy. Freaky could well tun out to teach us all a thing or two.

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Freaky started in the gig economy when he was a babe :baby: of 15 if I remember correctly!

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When I was 16 :blush:

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