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I’m not convinced either. It’s just the bulge. Especially the one caught during a dance party with Ellen Degeneres. You can’t unsee it. Then you see the shoulders, the hands, and the penchant for 1980s shoulder pads.

Also, Joan Rivers said she was a he and I never knew her to tell a lie.


There is a difference between impotence and choosing to give up the pleasures of the flesh. Trust me, impotence would be easier. :slight_smile:

Smoking I’m allowed to keep as my last vice until I’m 35. I have it on good authority that I don’t get much further than my 35th birthday. If I make it to near 36, I’ll quit and start reversing the damage with Indian Tobacco.

Indian tobacco (Lobelia inflata) was the original tobacco smoked in America when Columbus and everyone arrived. It is almost chemically identical to nicotine (meaning you get your nicotine fix) but it isn’t addictive. It’s also quite good for you in small doses. Of course, big tobacco doesn’t like that, hence why there are some restrictions on its use.

I have tired it. I can say it would be an ideal way to quit. After 3 rollups you feel sick but still feel strangely tobacco satiated. The only problem is that its a nightmare to get hold of. I struck on the real stuff once on eBay but the same seller sent a completely different random mix of herbs with my second order which smelled like they were perfumed.

Put some feelers out in your area. If you can get any, let me know and create an eBay listing. I’ll be your best customer. :slight_smile:

Of course, first I have to forget the impotence jibe…


Ol’ Cap gets it right again…


Another masterpiece by Ol’ Cap.




Witches… Sadly there are a lot of them about. - Real ones too. I had guy tell me last year he was a witch. He proved it too, which was a bit uncomfortable. Best avoided if you ask me. Add everything occult to that. It might seem cool to dabble, but closing doors isn’t as easy.

Anyone with supernatural powers or interests, basically channels something which doesn’t have their best interest at heart. Sadly, their ego won’t let them realize that until it’s too late.


At least we know one very smart, level headed person who has made good money out of it.


Good point!