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What sort of a comment is that?


Good on you


It’s the click-bait title and the fact we have ladies present. - Combined with recent “give up your job and go back to the kitchen” sentiments.

Also, I tried reading your article and it just sounded like a teenage stoner experience spent with someone you don’t have the energy to bi*ch slap.


Dude, I’m dead sleepy right now. But it’s not my article. I found it interesting. That’s all. You don’t like it, you don’t like it. Finish.


Stop being so fragile. :wink:

Ultimate meme here by the way. I wish you hadn’t changed your profile pic:



Hello, to all of you. I was beginning to worry no one was coming here anymore. Enjoy your day, afternoon or evening, whichever it is for you.

I see by the world clock that @Value_Investor should be home from your workout by now. So tell us, Investor, do you feel healthier now?


Yeah Aunt Vickie. Focusing on gym right now. Will join a martial arts class soon. I’m in the best shape of my life. Lost all fat…now focusing on building muscles. That’s my priority for next 1 or 2 years.



Message to Google, Facebook, Apple and other Silicon Valley corporations. When SJWs have nothing left to eat, they start eating their own :wink:


Not long to go before sh… hits the fan…

Chaos to follow. Brace for impact…

Lucky Brother Eoin :joy:



15 minutes of fame are up. Now pay the bills.

That’s why…I always say…you gotta stay under the hood. Never let the media use you for whatever reason.

Reminds me: A couple of years back a journalist from one of those top American new media sites wanted to interview me, to know how it was like to be an Indian freelancer working for mostly American businesses.

I just said one thing: “I don’t talk to journalists. Thank you…”


“I don’t talk to journalists. Thank you…”

She tries to flirt with me…

“I don’t talk to journalists. Thank you…”

Really, it could help your business, you will become famous…

“I don’t talk to journalists. Thank you…”

Please reconsider

“I don’t talk to journalists. Thank you…”

Sigh. Okay.


I never liked this person. You do have to wonder though, at Mr. Tangerine’s choice in women. he seems to have a thing for complete trash or The Bold & The Beautiful TV soap star lookalikes. Also, why does every U.S. President get followed by a sex scandal? Stormy, Micheal Obama, Lewinski, Jordana Grolnick, they just make presidential life look like a giant swingers party.

At least in Britain, we only elect PM’s who are pre-vetted as prudes.


Actually George Bush - father and son - were clean, as was Obama. Reagan, Carter, Nixon, Eisehower, Lyndn Johnson were clean too. All family men. That makes JFK, Clinton and Trump the outliers. They were also the ones with the best connect with people. I see nothing wrong with having a voracious sexual appetite. That shows they are Alphas. Good for them.


That’s the choice of a man who wants to … women, not be best friends with them. Anyway, I’m off, got a deadline.


Sex addiction is deadly. I was a sex addict once. It burns out your brain. Since you are on an alpha male testosterone binge at the mo, you should look into no-fap. It’s the final step toward masculine God hood. You’ll never beat my (on-going) record though. :wink:

Once you free yourself of the flesh, you become super aware and hyper-alert.

I disagree. Bush senior did make a public groping apology. Reagan had a scandal which is too unmentionable to mention here and Obama… IDK Once you’ve seen the Michelle man bulge, you just can’t unsee it… Just my opinion.


Don’t forget the Barbara Bush allegations!


Tell me more…


Well, it’s all conspiracy nonsense, of course, but Barbara shares Michael’s problem, as well as potentially being Alistair Crowley’s daughter. Or not-daughter. There’s even more down that wicked rabbit hole if you must, but I fear it may be too soon to discuss it.


Oh, I steer clear of the Alistair Crowley stuff. A day in Foyers hearing tails of local butchers being possessed and cutting their own hands of to rapturous applause of the drunk locals, was enough for me to know that even I have limits on how much is good to know.

As for being a secret man, nah. The head to shoulder ratio is all wrong.


Crowley was a bit of a dodgy fellow. I’m still not really convinced that either M and B were men, either. You’d think in this day and age that being a gay, black president would be a fast-track to the White House, wouldn’t you? Throw in a disability and you’ve got a real minority stew going.


That was smart of you.


Why is Micheal Obama on this list? LOL, my husband always thought she looked like a transvestite!

Or it could be all the :smoking: you do!