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Here I add all the stuff I like, which I’m reading/watching right now. Feel free to comment as you like.

Moral of the Story: Two best stocks in any market: Sin Stocks: Cigarette and Alcohol

(I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, but I’m gonna make money outta those who do :slight_smile: )

Must read…explains modern day politics, where we are and how did we get here -

So, to get rich you need to get into a bull market just as a bear market is ending?

Err… Bitcoin! :slight_smile:

No, major regulatory hurdles here.

#MeToo hits India’s Jeff Bezos

Interesting perspective…

This S-O-B thinks the same way as I do…

“Previously, I detested my politically adversaries for their leftist politics. They were for theft, they were for inferiority, they were for the commune, and against the individual. They were anti-human, anti-carpe diem, and preferred failure over excellence and accomplishment. But now I have a reluctant respect, even admiration for the “professional leftists” who get millions of people to willingly enslave themselves to them. Oprah IS a genius. Obama, Pelosi, and the management of the Democrat party ARE brilliant. Deans and chancellors of our university system are clever. And feminists, detestable as you might find them, you have to really tip your cap to get them to convince nearly every single American woman that work is fun and the government is better than having a family. This has profited them on the order of TRILLIONS over the years and makes you as a machiavellian, or merely a realist, wonder if you shouldn’t get in on the action too.”


Rush gets it…

" The entire West, not just the United States, western civilization is coasting on the accumulated capital of previous generations, burning its inheritance in a wild bonfire. Eventually, what can’t be sustained won’t be. Meaning, think of all of the Vanderbilts. You know, Cornelius Vanderbilt invents the railroad and by the time his grandkids got hold of the money it was all gone. Because they were not at all educated or made aware or had to do anything to create that wealth or to produce it."

F…looks like I have been shadow banned on all sub-reddits on Reddit, even on investment related sub-reddits. So posting the stuff I wrote on India_Investments here…

My First Foray into Index Funds

Started an SIP into ICICI Prudential NIFTY Index Fund + Next Nifty Index Fund. Both Direct Plans, Growth.

For most people in the US, mutual funds mean index funds. It’s only in India that we have mostly actively managed funds. But recent SEBI directives will give fund managers little flexibility.

Investing in index funds will take off in a big way for that reason. Also, there is a lot of confusion in the market. Nobody really knows which stock to pick, which will do well at least in the near to medium term.

Play safe and invest in index funds for the next 1 year. Hold for the long term. Let’s say 10 years.

Once the situation is clear in 2019 - which I hope will be a clear majority for PM Modi - I will re-start picking stocks. Till then, an SIP of 50k every month in Nifty + Next Nifty Index funds, take advantage of the falling/confused markets.

What if I don’t get the outcome I want in 2019?

Continue my SIP in index funds, take advantage of the fall in the markets. Long term is always a bull market in India.

Well, it was only a matter of time…

Okay dear.

Indeed. Did you get my messages btw?

I am pleased that I never got too into Reddit. I found the people terrifying and shadowbans just strike me as cruel. Of course, if you want to continue your Reddit investment advice posting, you can just create a new account. Reddit allows multiple accounts so its not a big issue.

You might also like Steemit. There you can get paid for popular articles. However, to be honest, it has descended into a mass mess of pyramid ‘you need to pay to play’ nonsense this year.

Will check.

Cancelled my SIP. I’m very confused about what to expect from the market. It’s goes up one day, goes down the next. When confused, stay away from the markets and spend on material things. Maybe I will buy new furniture, install CCTV on my property, carry out renovations, a new smartphone (nah!) etc. Have invested more than enough anyway, let the market play itself out. Time to start spending on stuff.

Looking back, I’ve been incredibly disciplined with my online earnings. Instead of buying a fancy new car, as most young freelancers tend to do when they make money from freelancing, I’ve invested the same amount of money in Tata Motors shares - the company that owns Jaguar Land Rover. (It’s another thing my Tata Motors investment is down by $4k to $5k - should have invested in Maruti Suzuki or M&M Motors instead. Anyway. Lapse in judgment.)

Instead of buying an iPhone for $1,200 as most young idiots in India do, I have a basic 4-year old smartphone that costs $80 and instead invested $1000 to $2000 every month in my favorite stocks for last 4-5 years.

I have a fairly decent portfolio now - which gives me a very good dividend income - but I guess time has come for me to stop investing and start spending. Time to enjoy my freelance income.

Let’s see what happens in the 2019 May elections and after that will decide what to do - restart investing, sell or do nothing.

What I should do, if Modi loses…

Start developing internet assets that give me a passive income. (Google search “Venezuela Crisis”.)

Talks are on for that. Hope to partner with a U.S. former insurance salesman turned highly successful internet entrepreneur and start a Life Insurance/Health Insurance site in India. That guy is a genius at that.

After that a sports betting site. Then maybe an online casino site. Maybe even a dating site. Let’s see. Focus on things people would do or be willing to spend money on when the economy is failing, where there aren’t that many jobs around and everyone is a bit confused about what to do next. Insurance, gambling, casinos, betting, online lotteries, online dating… Freelancing will go along with that, that will give me the cash to sustain my online vetures. (As for stocks, invest in stocks of cigarette, alcohol and online gambling companies.)

(I’ve made over $50k writing for the sort of businesses mentioned above: Fear/Greed/Love/Boredom. So I have what you call an “insider’s knowledge” of how things work there.

Anyway that is that. That’s my plan for the next 6 months (and beyond). See you guys around. Did a lot of thinking about my future, and now I know exactly what to do. Have to cut down on all distractions - social media - Twitter, politics, online forums etc. Have even deleted my stock market app. Have to stop browsing the internet as well.

Whatever has to happen will happen. Can’t worry about things you can’t control, but you can control your mind and what you do with your time.

So it’s just work and 1 hour in the gym every evening. You are all nice, wonderful people, got nothing against any of you, good luck everyone.

(Will come back and see this post again and again whenever I go off track and add points as I go along. Thing is, I was getting complacent because of all the easy money thanks to Modi, rising stock markets and the booming economy we have had. Now is the time to get smart and start thinking. Venezuela is only a matter of time. Time to start preparing :slight_smile: )

I’d be careful, Investor. Every time you actually do go away, you come back crazy. (Vietnam war stories etc.)

You’d be safer just to invest in grain. Grain makes alcohol. People eat more grain than anything else. And you can’t drink, gamble, or take out insurance if you are starving. :slight_smile:

Indeed. We are. :+1:

Nice get out clause. :slight_smile:

Don’t be a stranger. You literally just got here.

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Bitcoin goes below $4,000

I will start buying once it goes below $1,000.

And Ethereum too.

I’ll buy Ethereum when it goes below $50.

At that price, both Bitcoin and Ethereum will look attractive compared to the stock market and will bounce back.

As for other crytocurrencies, apart from maybe Monero and Litecoin, most of them are going to disappear. This is a bit like the motor vehicle boom of the early 20th century. There were hundreds of auto makers, but then there was a crash and only 2 companies survived that - Ford and General Motors.

Point is, which I think I told you once @cyaxrex Crypto Currencies are a victim of their own success. Bitcoins went from $1000 to $16,000 in 2017…the smart people bought at below $1,000 while the crowd bought at over $10,000. So when it reached $16,000, the smart people sold out.
The crowd, as usual, was left holding the can.

Now, I don’t agree with the naysayers that Bitcoin has no real value and it’s all made up. I think it does, as does Ethereum, which I am a big fan of.

The problem is a lot of people got burned and they are probably never going to invest in Bitcoins or any crypto currency again. Fear has overtaken greed. It may take Bitcoin at least 10 years to get to $16k again.

As with good, blue chip stocks, the “price” is as important as the “quality”. I remember how a lot of people bought a company called Infosys in 2001 at PE of 80, only for the stock to fall and for the PE to get stuck at 10-12.

Infosys is a very good IT company, one of the best in the world. The stock price may have gone down, but the quality has actually got better. It is now trading at a PE of 16, which is very attractive.

It’s always the price that matters. Never forget the price.

Also, remember, the rise of Bitcoin co-incided with the rise of stock markets. Dow Jones, NASDAQ, and even our SENSEX and NIFTY went up by 30% in 2017.

It’s not like the stock markets have fallen so Bitcoins will go up again. Bitcoins will go up only when the stock markets go up.

Basically, people will have to get GREEDY again. Right now, there is a lot of FEAR and nobody is going to put $10,000 on a crypto currency. Cash is king right now. And will be at least for the next 2-3 years.

(Feel free to use this for your blog, if you want to.)

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Ethereum won’t even exist my 2020. The tech is old, not scalable, and will never be embraced by real people. Try using a few ETH based D’Apps for a few days and you’ll realize why.

Cardano will be the ETH of the future. Grab a few now while they are on sale at practically zero.

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