Urgh - My Dreams are Becoming Insane

None of us are awake, sorry. There are too many tells. Usually when you have a lucid dream, you realize you are dreaming because something stands out as far too illogical. The ‘real’ world has too many of the same tells scattered everywhere.

The setting is just silly. There’s a giant sphere in the sky with a face on it which never turns round and occasionally eclipses the sun because its coincidentally the same size.

If you float a needle on a leaf in a cup of water or whip out a compass, you will always find it points in the same direction, even on the furthest reaches of the Southern Hemisphere. It’s almost like a message saying ‘exit this way,’ yet no one ever starts walking.

Then you have time. Clocks have 12 hours because the 24-hour day is a throwback to when the Babylonians used a hexadecimal mathematical model to explain the universe. The highest number was six. There was no zero. Every day had 24 hours, every month 30-days, every year, 360 days in total. The same math is replicated in every thing around us, basically screaming design/artificiality. All that scuppers that is the fact that someone one day decided to add another 5 days and a quarter to the system, without really explaining why.

Of course, no no one thinks about the obvious tells because there is literally always a theater going on in the background. Politics, wacky science, strange social arguments, financial sillyness. Once you extract yourself from it though, you see that people for the most part are completely unaware of anything around them.

I live by the sea. Everyone can tell me why x country should go to war with x country, how long it takes to get to the moon, and what they just read about quantum string theory on the screen in their hand. No one, though, can tell me why the sea is salty or how the tide works.

I’ve came to the logical conclusion that reality is nothing more than a dream. Other inhabitants are either also dreaming or the equivalent of chatbots.

I see dreams as more of a play area. A bit like recess at school. You are in a pocket of a different reality, however, you can never go further than the edge of the school yard. The people in them are for the most part just constructs you create. However, there are things in the reality we live in and the next, which can cross the boundaries of the schoolyard whenever they like.

The most well-known manifestation of these things are shadow people / djin. When they enter your dreams, they can take on the appearance of anyone or thing and communicate directly with you. In this case, they are real. However, they’re not good things to have around and that’s a whole other topic.

I wouldn’t see her again. I felt quite intensely emotional after I had that dream (which was like 2008-ish). However, now it would be wierd. As for staying in a dream world, no. If you had that choice, what’s to say that you wouldn’t make the move, but then forget (like you did here) and just start living another dreary hum-drum life, despite the wacky surrounds?

I and Chico are equals, regardless of the reality. :wink: It’s also our anniversary today!

I like to think that I am as awake as it is possible to be under the present circumstaces. :slight_smile:

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and chico. :heart_eyes::star2::cake:

How are you guys gonna celebrate it?

AWW! Happy anniversary to you and Chico!


Sort of, yes. On IMDb, they labeled it as drama, fantasy, mystery. Unfortunately, they stopped it after the first season. Boo!

It’s about a detective (played by Jason Isaacs, as brilliant as ever). He’s got a wife and a son, and they all end up in a car crash. The cop survives, but did his wife also survive, or his son? You see, he lives a life where his wife survived, falls asleep, and wakes (if he wakes) in the life where his son survived. Falls asleep again, wakes in the life where his wife survived. And so on. Which world/life is real? How does he choose, and does he even want to? And what the heck is going on?

@cyaxrex, happy anniversary to you and Chico!

Holy moly. The one google showed me on IMDb it says something else.

ok nvm this one’s a movie. yours is series. I will definitely watch it.

Whoa! :upside_down_face: Talk about :crazy_face: ! That would drive me insane.

Would I choose my husband or my child? :thinking: :crying_cat_face:

Oh, oh, I saw that one! It was really crazy, psycho and good! :scream_cat:

May be none. :grin:

Back to be a bachelor again. Wow that would be fun, like rewinding time you know.

Thank you! Sadly, we’re not celebrating. Chico is just being lazy and I’m working. - Or should be :slight_smile:

That’s a good way to celebrate. :smile:

Now that sounds familiar (what are you doing for birthday? Err, working).

Here’s the IMDb link of “Awake”: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1839683/

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I really like Jason Isaacs. He was the only thing that made Star Trek Discovery bearable.

I think there is a similar movie with Julian Moore? She has flashes of memory of her son and family. However, none of it is real… Until, she starts tearing the wallpaper off one of her walls and finds the wallpaper from her sons bedroom underneath. I can never remember the name of that movie but I would like to see it.

There is also a good book by Iain Banks called Transitions. It’s not about dreams per-se, but people who have the ability to switch through several different realities by taking little pills. Some get confused along the way and go a little mental. Are they really on a mission from a different reality? Or are they just junkies? Or both?

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Could it be this one?

That sounds about right! I’ve never seen it the whole way through. In this case, I might watch it tomorrow if I get chance. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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Ahh! That movie drove me nuts.

I still can’t remember the ending - it’s like I was waiting for something to happen, anything but at the end I was scratching my head going, “What in the name of JMJ happened?”

Thinking about it makes me want to

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Well, I have a new epic dream to report. However, this one was kind of a dream coupled with a spiritual attack. I know that a lot of people don’t believe that kind of thing, but that doesn’t change the price of bacon. :wink:

This dream was also very prophetic. However, I’m not really sure I understand every component yet. Anyway, it started with me in bed with my ex-girlfriend in an apartment we lived in years ago. She shot awake and said “it’s here,” and this was actually a replaying of almost real events.

When we lived in this old apartment, I was plagued by sleep paralysis and the so-called shadow person phenomena. This was always preceded by a feeling of evil (while waking) and a sense of being watched. Once I woke up to a black mass whispering in my ear and at the same time my ex started saying eerie things in her sleep in the dead of night like, "you’re right, something is here."

In fact, I think my ex was partly possessed at times long after this but that is a whole different story.

Anyway, in my dream, I woke up pretty much 6-years in the past, with my ex, in the middle of one of these experiences. She said, “it’s here.” but instead of me just turning on the ensuite light, before us both putting our head back down and trying to forget about it, I started to kind of remember my real life future and see how this was the start of us breaking up. (Or at least part of the start).

In this case, I said “I know, and we should leave here right now. I’ve seen it and heard it, but it’s like we always try and pretend it doesn’t happen, but it needs to stop.” - Or something along those lines.

So we get up and start getting ready to leave forever. However, when I open my bedroom door, I find myself walking home from school at the age of 12-13. It is bright and sunny, and I’ve just made it to the start of a bridge which exists in real life, which crosses to the street I live on. As I am starting to cross, though, a huge old 1950’s lorry starts crossing from the other side.

At first, there is nothing wrong with the lorry. However, then I remember that there is something wrong with the bridge. In this case, I start holding people back and shout “this isn’t the right bridge, it’s made of wood, not stone.” Then the middle of the bridge starts collapsing where I would have walked. As it does, wood breaks away and I find a wooden panel which I can pick up. On one side, there is an engraving of a unicorn. On the other, there are pictures of WWII bomber planes and bloody fingerprints.

I tell someone besides me that I should keep the piece of wood as it is a warning, and they agree.

Fast-forwarding suddenly as dreams do, I then find myself at my mum’s house. However, the minute I step inside, I realize that something is wrong. I can sense the same evil presence from I and my ex’s bedroom in Malta, and some parts of the house are in daytime and some are in nighttime. I try telling my mother that we need to get her and my sisters out and somewhere safe. However, she doesn’t listen.

Then I go upstairs and come face to face with a demonic entity which is just a floating face which seems to be made of scrunched up newspaper. It says something like everything that belongs to me belongs to him now, and I can sense that its intentions aren’t exactly well-meaning.

At this point, I wake up (in real life or so I think), paralyzed and struck by how dark my kitchen is (I live in my kitchen, long story). I manage to fight off the paralysis and put my hand on Chico my dog, to make sure he is breathing. Then I start thinking about the piece of wood in my dream and find myself back in the dream world, pushing my oldest sister Rachel, as far away from my family home as possible on a kids car thing she had when she was 5 or so.

I tell my sister to wait while I go back and rescue my mum and my younger sister, Sarah. However, when I do, it is completely night in and around my home, and the demonic scrunched up newspaper face is positioned like a door knocker on the front door. It tells me again that everything belongs to it now and starts laughing.

Thankfully, my kind of childhood sweetheart (also called Sarah) then arrives in adult form with her boyfriend and since (in real life) she is a policewoman, I make her guard my house while I look for help. I tell her, though, not to talk to the face on the door.

The next thing I remember is me walking backwards down the street, with the demon face bearing down on me mockingly. Then I point at it and start shouting at it in Jesus name to go to the pit, in true exorcist priest fashion, and this works to make it draw back, until I am back at my house and able to go inside.

Sadly, inside my house, everything is pitch black and still resonating with evil. Neither can I find anyone anywhere until I make it upstairs to my mother’s bedroom.

Inside my mother’s bedroom, I find my mother, my friend Sarah in full policewoman attire, and her boyfriend sat cross-legged on the floor. Moreover, my friend Sarah and her boyfriend have blank expressionless opera masks over their faces, and in front of Sarah there is a basket of money, and in front of her boyfriend, there is a basket of jewelry.

Both Sarah and her boyfriend seem to be in a trance and using their right hands to shuffle and drop coins and jewelry between their fingers repeatedly into the baskets in front of them. My mother, though, just looks old and ill. I ask her what has happened and where my youngest sister Sarah is. She answers by holding up her arm and saying that she had to sell her bones. When I squeeze it, there are indeed no bones.

More than a little bit horrified, I turn to my friend Sarah and her boyfriend. I pull each of their masks away from their faces, and there is nothing behind but a cavity made of coins for Sarah, and a cavity made of jewelry for her boyfriend.

I figure that rescuing my sister Sarah is no longer possible. However, I’m confused by the point of what I’m guessing is the elaborate display put on in front of me and letting me enter the house at all. In this case, I ask my mother why she is doing this, and she responds simply by saying "he went to get Rachel."

At this point, I woke up, horrified to find that the time was nearly a quarter to one in the afternoon. (I went to bed at the very sensible hour of 1 or so, and never sleep past 8. This also severely messed up my day, as today I had to pay my rent. And then the really weird stuff started happening.

To pay my rent, I dop the cash into a cafe next to my old local bar in the capital city of my island. It’s owned by my landlord and I can hand the cash over to his wife anytime between 8am and 3pm. They probably wouldn’t mind if I was late, but I like being on time.

Anyway, as I’m waiting in line, a voice bellows at me. It’s my old landlord from the apartment I and my ex first lived in and I literally haven’t seen him since we left it. In this case, I’m reminded of my epic dream.

After paying my rent, I go into my old local next door to waste an hour before my bus home. Sadly, I time this epically wrong. First arrives the mother of an old friend with her grandson, a boy I used to babysit a lot, Blake. (I fell out with his mum and things have been awkward.) Blake, of course, is happy to see me, but runs up and plants a notebook emblazoned with a rearing unicorn on the table between us, before flicking the pages, to show me his latest drawings.

At this point, I remember the piece of wood from my dream and decide to definitely get the next bus (instead of having a beer with my friend Manuel like I want to) in case I run into Blake’s mum.

At this point, I am thinking more and more of my dream, but also the fact that I now have 2 x late deliveries on Fiverr to make amends for, coupled with the fact that I have just been demoted. However, when I get home, the first thing waiting for me is an email from my sister Sarah (the one I couldn’t rescue in the dream), which basically doesn’t make her life out to be great and which is the first I’ve received for over 2-years.

In short, a lot lined up and I suddenly have this very impolite feeling of “oh :poop:, I need to make a visit home.” - The thing is I can’t. Visiting home for me represents £1,000+ easy (taking my dog, arranging transport and accommodation ect), and I actively avoid ever going home, because, in the past, all this would ever result in is me being thrown into the middle of a massive family civil war, which is pointless and ultimately very expensive to risk participating in.

But this brings me to the faceless versions of my friends shuffling money and jewels between their fingers for no real benefit but inner emptiness. You see, I can’t help feel that this was representative of me actually never getting anywhere in life while focusing on money as my main prerogative…

All in all, bit of a head F.

Yikes, Andy! You must have some unresolved issues that your dream is telling you to take care of soon. I typically have dreams within dreams when I am having some rough times in personal life or work. I jump from one scenarios to the next. In the waking world it would make no sense whatsoever, but in the dream world I just go along as if it is normal.

According to google, 1000 pounds is around $1300. Yikes, that’s pretty steep. I can typically fly cross country in the USA for $300 to $450. I have to wonder why your tickets are so much more expensive than ours - even with a pup, it would still be half of yours.

Back on topic. Sometimes dreams are just dreams. It doesn’t mean anything. Our subconscious minds are thinking of things we don’t think about in the forefront and brings all sorts of memories mixed in with terrifying things. Why don’t you give them a call to see if all is well before forking over all that :money_with_wings: to go home, unless you really need to.

I’ve had some doozies in past few days myself. Rather creepy, but I just can’t remember it anymore.

Wow, Andy,

I reember my dreams fleetingly and then they are gone. I wonder what a certain witch would think of them?