Urgh - My Dreams are Becoming Insane


Well, Christmas is over and I’m never doing it again. As always, I cooked far too much, ate far too much, and ended up inviting far too many people round. The result has been a painful food coma from about 7pm to now, where I am wide awake assessing tomorrows clean-up operation.

On that note, never have a white tiled floor, or if you do, invest in a half mile long doormat. One rain shower and a few guests result in your whole home looking like a WWII trench.

Anyway, I’m quite annoyed to be awake but for the past few weeks, I’ve been having epic dreams. The one I just woke from now takes this a bit to the extreme. In this case, I thought I’d share it.

To start, my dreams have been pretty epic recently due to the fact that I keep seeming to live entire lives in them. This and the fact that people keep showing up in them who are like dream invaders or visitors, not normal dream background characters. - Anyway, here it goes:

This latest one starts with me being a young woman. I’m walking past the entrance to a park in somewhere which feels like it’s near London. It’s getting dark and I have no intention of going in. However, there are two men walking out shouting. They have lost their dog and are calling for him.

They get close and I stop them to ask what their dog’s name is. At this point, one of the men starts saying something indistinct like regular dream speak. However, the other person stands out because its like they are not a dream person. They even stare at me like they are bemused by the fact I’m there. “Don’t go in there,” he says.

I ask again what the dogs name is and start walking into the park anyway. The ‘real’ dream person shouts at me. "Just say Winston."

So I’m walking in this park and I pass a turn off in the path. I can go straight ahead and continue in a circle until I arrive back at the park entrance, or I can go left. There is just one problem. There is a wire fence cutting off the path and the direction it leads in. Through it I see an old black/grey alsatian running toward me and two men walking away behind it with their back to me.

I shout through the fence and ask if they have seen a black labrador pup. Then the men turn slowly in shock that someone has addressed them. They don’t say anything, though. They can’t because the lower half of each of their faces is just bare bone. Below the nose is just what is essentially a skull.

I realize that beyond the fence is a kind of sanctuary for people like that and try to apologize. Then I continue on around the park.

Briefly, I end up in some woods I know from my childhood (though not my actual, real-life childhood). I am happy but I start to sense something following me. I also suddenly remember that my father (though again not in real life) was murdered a while ago, and that (somehow) I now know exactly who did it. I start running, aware that the thing following me makes the world not exist behind it as it follows.

I get out of the park. I run into the city, and I head to a skyscraper with a pyramid on top. This is police HQ.

I rush into an elevator and wait for the doors to open on the top floor. However, when I get out, I realize something is wrong. I arrive in a huge stone walkway leading to a terrace overlooking the city. On each side beside me, there are two pyramids. In the distance, I also hear a door close and a woman in high heels start walking in my direction.

There is something evil about the woman and I feel trapped. I don’t want to see her. However, I remember I am dreaming and decide to run straight ahead and fly off the terrace. I do this. I jump into the air over the city and start swimming through it. However, the air starts to get thick and impossible to move in, leaving me just hanging there with this woman standing on the terrace behind.

"You can’t do that here," she says. And then I start to feel myself being turned around to look at her. Then, though, I remember what the man at the start of the dream said, and I shout out "Winston!"

And then I am wide awake thinking, “where the hell did that come from?”

Crazy or what? Other dreams like this have involved me uncovering a mad scientist hanging black packets of disease from and old loom and blowing it into the air to cause an epidemic. There was also a pretty epic one a few days ago where I moved to this village I loved, only to have all these ultra-real dream people start coming up to me at the village bus stop and in the local bar, to say. "You can’t stay here."

Then there was one where I ran an organic vegan food shop in LA and basically lived a full boing day replenishing stock and making people bowls of granola musli, before all this water started gathering around my feet in the kitchen and I knew that a tsunami was coming.

It’s all very odd. I have had lots of epic dreams in the past, usually when I fast. Never, though, have I had epic dream after epic dream every night for long periods like 3-weeks. I can’t even take a nap on the sofa without having one.

Anyway, since this one got me out of bed, I thought I’d share it. Your job now is to be my psychoanalyst/spiritual advisor. :slight_smile: - Try and be kind, though. :wink:


When you are in a dream and know it is a dream that’s known as a lucid dream. I learned this from when I listened to a power point report given by a high schooler when I subbed.

I rarely remember my dreams. Yours do sound “epic” so that would make them more memorable.


Andy, do let me know when you publish a thriller book. I can’t wait to read it.


Yeah, I have had a lot of these but most take the form of abhorrent nightmares where I decide F-this and fly away. I also do remember most of my dreams but at the moment, they are something else. I’ve already had two more since posting this.

I kind of have one but is really bad. At the very least, it needs a full re-write. :frowning: This dream I think I could use for a story. However, I don’t have time to be creative. :frowning:

Tell you what. You pay me $10K and I will write you a thriller. If it’s a good one, you could even make that $10K back by publishing it in no time. :slight_smile:

As for more recent updates to my intense dream sequence. I just had one where I was some kind of hippy/new age spiritual guy doing yoga in front of a huge TV in my apartment. I was even wearing spiritual pieces of string around my left ankle.

All was well until I glanced to my left and noticed the light shining under the door of my spare bedroom at the end of the corridor. I tried to remember the last time I was in there to leave it on. Then to my horror, I remembered that the last time I had been inside, had been to remove the lightbulb altogether to replace my bathroom light bulb.

I started being super quiet and looking around for my keys to get out onto the street. Then I heard someone in my spare bedroom cough and light a cigarette.

That dream ended and a new one started with me in my actual childhood bedroom hunting desperately for my mobile phone. I had this fear that I had left it in my old apartment in Malta when fleeing the stranger in my spare room. Then, though, I remembered that I was dreaming, and even recalled were my phone was in real life by my real-world laptop.

Anyway, after brushing my teeth and going through my old childhood bedroom routine, I notice something wrong with all the stars out the window. There is suddenly also some strange man living in my house who everyone expects to be there like he is part of the family. I don’t know him but I try to pretend nothing is wrong, as I think this person knows I’m on to them.

It switches to the next day and I’m with my ex from a few years later driving through the country. She asks if I’ve seen the news about the alien spaceship which just arrived in the solar system. Everyone thought it was a meteor. However, it has apparently started blowing up the probes they sent to land on it. Then I notice that the strange family member who I don’t remember from home is sitting in the back seat.

And that’s it. - For now. :slight_smile:

Told you. It’s literally every time I close my eyes at the moment.


That’s a great business opportunity, if I had those $10K. Since I gave you the idea, why don’t you write a good thriller, and give me $10K as I “motivated” you. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am serious though, once you do publish a good thriller, give me heads up.


I’ve never had a dream where I was someone other than me. I am in all sorts of strange places, doing weird things that don’t make sense and in places that are scientifically impossible or at least in the present time.

I think your dreams are interesting in that you start off being another person. It almost sounds like an “out of body” type - living someone else’s life for a short period. Hum, :thinking: , I bet Miss Crystal would have some interesting insight to it. Too bad she’s not here! :frowning_face: .


I on the other hand, rarely have dreams. Usually when I do they are some nonsense about me waking up late, missing a flight or being endlessly chased by a policeman. Those three dreams are the only one that I have - they have slight variations each time. :joy:


To be fair these are a rarity for me also. Lately, though, I’m either a different person or me with a different personal backstory. Once years ago I was a lion and I did once have the perspective of being my dog, Chico. - Just walking by the side of the road was terrifying. :slight_smile:

I have these too. I also have a recurring nightmare where I am late for the first job I ever had in a supermarket. Or worse, I’m sat at my checkout scanning goods. Then on the touchscreen computer display in front of me, hardcore pornography starts playing as my manager is walking up.

I also have recurring dreams about losing my dog or him suddenly starting to talk to me in a thick Yorkshire accent. The latter ones are the worst as… Well, it’s just not right…


I used to have these types of dreams when I was in college, few that I still remember, as they were reoccuring are these. I am late for an exam, so I run to the university and either:

  1. Einstein is teaching my physics class and all the students have already started their exam on an old green screen type computer - which I don’t have a clue how to use or

  2. I am at the wrong university, I panic and while running across the campus, I find that I forgot to put my clothes on :womans_clothes: ! :blush:

Weird! They say these are for people in very competitive, high stress fields such as corporate or college students. Apparently, the fear of failure causes us to have embarrassing dreams of being in the nude (sign for vulnerability) or being late (mortifying).

I have recurring dreams of me forgetting that I had a dog or was babysitting someone else’s dog - I forgot the feed him or take him out. It’s awful - I love animals and the thought of me forgetting to feed/care for one is just horrifying.

  • I’ve also had dreams of me being shot (while on the ground) from a helicopter through a neighborhood. I find myself running and ducking into a garage. I wake up to my heart pounding

  • I get on an elevator that goes sideways instead of up/down, through the air or sometimes like a roller coaster, sometimes I encounter weird situations where I have to determine to participate or not - I can’t remember any details right now.

  • I dream I am still living at home and trying to get to my high school for the finals to realize I haven’t been to school in weeks, I’m my current age and still haven’t graduated. I encounter boulders or huge pits along the way blocking my chances. Sometimes, I’m already at school and can’t find the school :bus: .

  • Then there are the :snake: dreams which used to scare me to death but nowadays, I just walk right by it, no effects on me what so ever.

At least those are the recurring dreams I have often that I can remember for now. Most of my dreams happen when I am under a great deal of pressure or in tough situations. :frowning:


I forgot the :snake: I used to dream being thrown in a pit, and running away from them. Indiana Freaky style.

I had never had a dream, when I was naked. But in general, yes they are mostly me being late on a test, missing my flight.

I get a lot of deja vu situations btw.


Well, let’s face it. We all hate showing up late for work in the nude. :slight_smile: - Unless you are a freelancer. Then you have some leeway. :slight_smile:

It is interesting how many of us all have the same dream archetypes.

Once I had a dream that I was wanted for the murder of J.K. Rowling. However, I also get recurring dreams featuring unsuitable work tech. I either have my computer replaced with an ancient Archimedes computer. (Not suitable for freelancing.) Or I accidentally download the entire Internet to a USB stick and lose it.

Bingo. I hate this one. I have it exactly and its mortifying.

I have one where I’m late for my first year exams at university. There are floods, broken bridges, everything you can imagine to stop me getting there.

I get millions of huge spiders descending on silk from the ceiling. Either this or I bring my laundry in off the line, put a pair of jeans on and realize there is a black widow (or several) nesting in the trouser legs. This did actually happen once though, so maybe this is spider PTSD?

This is actually the opposite for me. My personal belief is that everyone dreams regulary. One thing you can do to test this is wear a watch. Get into the habit of checking the time every half hour. Do this for a while and when the habit becomes automatic, you will start doing it in your dreams and for a second at least, get a lucid glimpse into your subconscious. :slight_smile: Putting garlic under your pillow also works but I’m lost as to why and you might end up with a bit of an odor. :slight_smile:


I could swear you’ve said that before. :slight_smile:


That reminds me one dream that reoccurs for me is that I am in college and I have failed to go to class for the whole semester and I need to find where my class is held so I can at least take the final in hopes of passing the course. However, I cannot remember the name of the course either. :open_mouth: Then I will remember that I am having a dream that I have been in before and say to myself not to worry about finding the classroom. :relieved:


Well, it started again.

Last night I had 2 dreams which followed back to back (despite waking up midway) and which followed the same narrative. Each took place 5-years in the future (or at least my future). However, for some reason, everyone insisted that the year was 2015.

It was odd. I lived in a thermal spa town which could be my subconscious reminding me of my desire to visit Georgia. However, I have lived (in real life) in a UK spa town called Malvern. Also, everyone spoke English.

Anyway, long-story-short, I knew I was in the future from quite early on and I started asking questions. My friends in the dream were not people I know in real life. However, they all seemed close.

I had an ex called Eliza who I was still good friends with. Apparently, when I first arrived in this town, we met and went out for a coffee tour of all the local cafes. On this caffeine booze cruise, we switched to wine, got hammered and accidentally ended up in a relationship. This ended amicably shortly after. However, there was a tall blonde woman who I seemed to have something going on with, who it was polite not to be with around Eliza.

It was when I met the blonde woman in a nightclub that I realized I was in the future and had limited time to ask questions. My first was, therefore, what is the price of Bitcoin? To my dismay, Bitcoin was apparently stable at $15K and not expected to climb higher.

Shortly after this, I was due to attend a party. To my dismay, I found myself walking there naked along a picturesque riverside. This was okay, though, as my friend Gregg (who I don’t know in real life) lived nearby. I asked him if I had any clothes at his place and he found a pair of jeans belonging to me.

In real life, I do own the pair of jeans he handed me. However, in the future, they had been painted. Gregg said this was an idea I had in my stoner/hippy days shortly after arrival in this place. What stood out though, was the design. On the backside, there was what looked ike a nuclear explosion. On the front, there were idyllic things like sunshine and butterflies, all painted in bright sun yellow/orange.

Getting to the party with Gregg (in just my technicolor dream jeans) I found myself at a waterfront pub on a warm summer day. Here, what stood out was that almost everyone was a smoker. Gregg explained that this was because all the kids from my time were vapping. In the future, though, vapping will be found to be worse than smoking and so in the future, smoking is back in fashion.

At this point, I started to wonder where my dog Chico was. I found Eliza and asked, but she wouldn’t tell me what had happened to him.

Also at the party (which was more like a gathering of friends on a summer day by the river) it became evident that the Internet wasn’t as it is today. It was so heavily censored that most people didn’t bother using it. In fact, everything was a bit 1984-ish. However, people had found a way to quietly rebel by simply going offline. That said, everyone had a smartphone.

I felt bad about the Internet and asked my blonde kind of love interest why if Bitcoin was still around, people weren’t using blockchain technology to get around censorship. She sighed as if the answer was obvious and then told me why. I understood the reason and it made perfect sense. In fact, it still does and this is a bit disquieting.

Now this is where things get weird. Toward the end of the dream. I slipped into a nightmare which I had to fight to wake up from. I don’t remember what it entailed. What I do remember is shouting for help, before waking up to find myself shouting (in real-life) “Norway.”

Anyway, that’s it. I would have liked to have been able to come back from the future with more useful information. As it is, all I can say is:

  • Bitcoin will only reach $15K in the next 5-years
  • Vapping is bad
  • The Internet gets a nefarious facelit
  • Norway is important for some reason

On the positive side, it was just a dream and in my dream future, I did seem very happy. I also had waist room to spare in my favorite jeans, which is a bonus. :slight_smile:


Wow! Your dreams are really detailed. My dreams rarely ever make sense and the people I interact with may or may not be someone I know.

It’s interesting that you realized you were in the future. All of my dreams takes place in either the past or the present but never in the future. The past dreams are rather dreadful and a reminder of how bad things were when I was a kid. I wake up feeling indifferent. Those dreams only happens when I am stressed.

Little confused here. Eliza is one of your ex in real life or she was an ex in your dream? If in the dreams, you actually had names for characters you meet in it? I don’t ever remember having names for mine. Needless to say, your dreams are way more vivid! :slight_smile:


Eliza was purely a dream person, as was my best friend Gregg. I got a whole backstory with Eliza which was pretty cool. i.e. In the dream I had the memories of our time together flood in like memories do in real life.

This is rare for me. Also its not always pleasant. In a dream ages ago, I had an adopted daughter called Summer who was Asian. I realized it was a dream and was trying to figure out how to not snap back into real life and leave her all alone. (There was nuclear submarine coming after us and it wasn’t going to end well).

The last time I met my ex in real life in my dream, I kind of strangled her. :frowning:

That’s not good. I did used to have dreams like that and I do have pretty horrific nighttime experiences sometimes. I just close down entire thought processes which stem from those by making a conscious decision not to think about whatever the subject is. If its a person the subject relates to, I just cut them out of my life.

Some people might say that’s not healthy. However, I don’t believe in the whole ‘you need closure argument.’ 9/10 when someone really makes a negative impact on your life, they will never give you any kind of closure. Either they have this cast iron core of justification concerning negative past events, or they project everything back onto you. In both cases, those types of people feed off how they feel about a situation, and enjoy the Merry-go-round of it continually popping up in conversation.

Cut them off and they start becoming bitter because you’ve moved on. Then what was eating you eventually starts eating them.

Of course, that advice may not be suitable for your situation. However, it has come in handy for me over the years. :wink:


That mention of yelling “Winston”, and then a Labrador, reminded me of Fenton… Do you remember Fenton the dog? :grin:

(If someone haven’t heard of the dog, just Google “Fenton the dog”, and have a good laugh)


Let me ask you a serious question. If you are reading this right now, how do you know you are awake? Are you sure this isn’t your dream world and the other ones are your alternate life? I mean what exactly is a dream? No one has ever been able to explain it.

Perhaps what you perceive as a dream is an alternate reality that you are living everyday and you have some memory of it when you “wake” up in this reality.

Some of my dreams are so bizarre that I just take it as a weird imagination manifesting due to my current situation. Then again, perhaps it’s me going back in time and changing something that wasn’t right in another dimension for another me.

Maybe you really do have a daughter - or maybe your double does, perhaps she’s not adopted. Maybe you do have a best friend named Greg. Perhaps you are just remembering bits and pieces of a real life you had in another reality in another life. Who’s to say Earth if the only planet inhabited by humanoid that look like us?

I love reading, writing and watching movies about future or space or another dimension - because it’s so fascinating to see into someone else’s imagination.

If you could “dream” and see your adopted daughter again, what would you do? What if you had a choice between this world and that? :thinking:

There is the possibility that in the real world (saying this is your dream world) that Chico is the superior, intelligent being? :laughing:

Just food for thought. Again, are you sure you are awake? What proof do you have?


Have you watched “Awake”? :slight_smile:



No, I have not. Is it a sci-fi based on dream worlds? That is something I would definitely be into! I will check it out!