Undeserved Gig Denial/ToS Warnings?


It may be a recent thing, it may detect a percentage difference - I don’t know.

Maybe I’m just an idiot! :slightly_smiling_face:




Och you’re very kind @PsychoKitty - thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

It seems it may only have been me after all - ah well…


When I first joined, I got a warning for having the same picture for two of my gigs, but it wasn’t a ToS warning.



Have you figured out what the issue is yet or will you need a :female_detective: ?


Aye - I think it’s when you re-use a gig image that’s been used before, possibly only when you edit a gig, not when it’s initially published. The system recognises it, and the gig’s denied, as it can’t differentiate between your images and those used by everybody else.

Try it twice, you get a ToS warning.

All of this is possibly the case, but it may not be. :slightly_smiling_face:


Most assuredley not! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Well, this is a bit upsetting. Months ago I changed my profile picture but accidentally clicked the wrong file to upload. (It was a generic royalty free picture of a tree from Pixabay which I had used in a video for a client.) I got a warning then (not an account warning) that my image was not original. However, it did not change until I uploaded my current profile picture.

Now I’m thinking that I should make a mental note not to ever change my profile picture again! (Like I have already have made notes not to edit gigs or attempt to change my PayPal address. - Which I need to do for legitimate reasons).

Honestly, I seem to have been inundated with more discount codes over the past few months for Fiverr than ever previously. I also know I’m not the only one who started seeing sales tank last May. Given all that, I can’t understand why Fiverr isn’t addressing these kind of customer support issues as a top priority.

When you punish people without cause, it turns them against your brand. Literally, none of it makes sense to me.


I decided to take the bull by the horns and deleted my account.

With one ToS warning hanging over me, and it being all too easy to get a second one through no fault of your own, I really don’t need the stress.

Always better to jump before you’re pushed. :wink:


So, are you hanging your hat for good?

I used to roll my eyes at sellers that stated they did nothing wrong but received a warning. With you, I know for a fact it’s 100% legit, so now I’m feeling kinda bad for doubting those folks.


Don’t feel bad. Many of those who claimed they did nothing wrong did, in fact, break the rules.

Not talking about Lorna, of course!


That’s a bit sneaky. :slight_smile:

Anyway, looks like you’re not alone:


Looking at his (v. new) update, it looks like he promised a buyer that he’d send him an updated version of whatever and didn’t. Either he genuinely forgot or the attachment system was having a quiet fag around the back.

Both seem likely…


Both are indeed likely. However, then there is also the issue of buyers being able to hit the revision button as many times s they like. On gigs where I offer zero revisions, I end up giving up to 3. The question is, when are you being unresponsive and when is a buyer simply saying you are being unresponsive?

It sounds to me like everything could e smoothed over by just telling the OP what message they are referring to. But… Yeah, that ain’t going to happen…


I suppose this could be “GDPR” privacy being exercised in its purest bureaucratic form.


Update - seems it’s not just me it’s happened to:

I can understand it’s a bad idea to use well known, trademarked logos etc. in gig videos and whatnot, but this seems silly.

Added - it seems the poster was using the Fiverr logo in their gig video, which may explain why it was removed?


There is also this guy:

It seems it’s getting harder on Fiverr… :slight_smile:

There are also a few graphic designers being banned.

Personally, I think it’s a planned purge. Apparently, it’s not cool to use a stock image you have full rights to on a gig. However, it is A-OK for some Pro video sellers to sell stock video and use stock video in their own gig videos.

It’s also A-OK for Fiverr itself to use free stock images in its own marketing materials:


First search results on Pixabay.com for “Email:”

I guess it’s just sellers and not Fiverr employees who need to create 100% unique images when promoting their services. :wink:


Having a giggle at that one.

Somebody did suggest that all our profile images would be safe if we did them in the same style as Fiverr CS avatars?

What is it with stock images/footage etc. (with full commercial rights) that they’ve got a problem with (for some users)? They can’t expect every $5 video gig to use original footage, filmed by the seller etc. can they?


IDK. It’s a bit of a landmine for everyone considering how many sellers blatantly steal other sellers gig descriptions and images. It’s honestly best not reading the forum anymore, as it just makes you feel like you are on death row in copyright Guantanamo.

Edit: In the case of the example I have identified, Fiverr might also be infringing the licenses of some images. i.e. If I were to use the same email image as Fiverr to promote a service but Fiverr prohibited me from using it, they would be in breach of the original image license by arguing that it is not free for commercial use without attribution…

It’s all a bit shady TBH.