Undeserved Gig Denial/ToS Warnings?

Is anybody else having gigs denied/removed?

Noticed a few mentions of it recently, and I’ve had a gig which was first denied, then reinstated, then removed again with an undeserved ToS warning for ‘offering services that are not allowed in our marketplace.’

Recently? That must have been some coma. Don’t worry, if you read the official forum, it’s just a case of everyone lying.

That said, a certain Indian TOS seller apparently had a rewriting gig removed a few months ago due to the new (but unspoken) policy of associating accademic work with rewriting.

I think most of us are just in acceptance of the fact now that the platform you seem to refer to is a bit nuts.

If you are in the EU and worried about unfair TOS warnings/account restrictions yourself, just read up on how to file a subject access request (SAR) under GDPR. Doing that should legally force the Trust & Safety team to disclose all the information they have on you. If you know such information to be false (as in the case of multiple accounts/IPs etc), you can then complain to the regulators that your personal information has been miss-managed.


I have not made a new gig in awhile, and none of my old ones have been removed.

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Guess that’s a no then - maybe it’s just me.

Perhaps I should start in a category where gigs are less likely to be flagged for no reason, like ‘fun & lifestyle’? :wink:

Are you going to laugh and hold a sign?

Or would you prefer to offer a fertility spell? :stuck_out_tongue:


Off to buy some candles from Poundland - I’ve seen you can make loads of profit on those! :slightly_smiling_face:


:smiley_cat: Are you referring to a certain craft or abilities?

:candle: :broom: ?

I used to buy those for fun, but now everyone raised their prices to high double digits. People are still buying.



If I had those skills then it would be a good idea, but as I haven’t I’d probably be better giving it a body swerve to be honest! :slightly_smiling_face:

I can always read by candlelight.


Well, let me look into my :crystal_ball: and let you know about your future earnings on 5r.


Here we go - a big fat :zero:

If they can’t tell me what I did wrong, or why I got a ToS warning I can’t see the point of having any gigs live I’m afraid.

Are you saying you have actually had a TOS warning?

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Your account was flagged for offering services that are not allowed in our marketplace.

Now, everybody who knows me knows that I know the ToS inside out, back to front etc. and I’d rather chew my own hand off than break the ToS of any website.


You would be better off making a thread on the main forum and Reddit. Fiverr does watch both and you are pretty well-known among the MODs on both platforms. I would hesitate a guess that you will get someone reach out to negate any negative PR.


:scream_cat: I think 5r staff is overworked and underpaid. It must be a system error and no one physically checked into it. We all know you would never break the rules. This is nuts!

How the heck is someone supposed to fix something they don’t know needs fixing! :smirk: Annoyed right now!


I’m sorry, but the overworked and underpaid line is just old now.

I tried to change my PayPal details on Fiverr ages ago. It asked me to enter a code they were sending to my phone. I waited and I waited and the code never came. Then I toddled over to the forum. Before I could even make a thread, there were at least 3 others all reading something like:

Can’t verify my account via SMS

Account restricted after sms bug

Support restricted my account after I couldn’t verify with sms

I then thanked God I hadn’t opened a ticked myself and decided to leave my PayPal details as they are. (I use Payoneer anyway.)

My point is, that place we’re talking about seems to act more like an out of control maniac who shoots first and doesn’t even bother to ask questions later. This trend seems to also have increased throughout 2018 and shows no sign of slowing. :frowning:


Morning chaps!

Right, I think I may have worked out what’s causing the problem - obviously I can’t give a definitive answer because I’m having to make some assumptions.

When you upload a gig image, it’s stored in the system. If you then try to reuse that gig image in the future, your gig is automatically denied because it’s been detected as already having been used, even if it was by the same seller. So you can end up with a ToS warning for simply reusing your own, original images.


The good ol’ 5r

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This is quite upsetting. There are several sellers using my gig images (all self-created). One seller is even using gig images I use on another platform. Technically, this means that whenever sellers edit gigs they risk a TOS violation. (I mean who hasn’t uploaded a gig image and decided they like their old image better.)

Legitimate sellers who might offer different services elsewhere and decide to experiment with them on 5r, may also end up breaking TOS if another seller has already nicked the images they plan on using.

This is why I refuse to buy anything from Learn or even poke my nose into whatever Elevate is. You just risk throwing money into a black hole, due to the increasing amount of idiotic situations which can get your account banned. :frowning:


I can’t prove it of course, and i haven’t really got anybody else’s experience to go on either, but that’s what seems to have happened with me.

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If you have ever been to my profile you will see that all of my images, but one is a chibi of me created by Zeus. The only difference is my shirts/sweaters are different. I have removed some that I changed myself by merely changing the sweater color. (Zeus gave me permission) Then I have brought at least one of them back. I never got a TOS violation called on me. But maybe the system cannot tell the difference between the images? :thinking: