TripAdvisor Reviews That You Have Known and Loved

So, TripAdvisor, or the Yelp of Europe as I like to call it, where disgruntled diners can vent their fury about restaurants gone bad. There’s a bit of a scandal in Greece about one right now.

So, it’s a fancy little restaurant on the beach where you may brush shoulders with George Clooney - or with other plebs who also want to brush shoulders, but with Barack Obama instead.

Tragedy struck when an American party of 8 from NYC decided to drop in for some overpriced kalamari, beer and salads:

I think the pun relates to plaice. This is the bit of the review I dislike, as I’m not sure what the pun is. Typical Yelp-TA reviewers.

830 euro is definitely eye-watering, and the prices are full LOL (I imagine the kalamari is priced per 100g as most fresh fish produce in Greek restaurants is). But anyway, about 90E a head which I think is very reasonable for a place like this wanting to keep riff-raff out for George Clooney, Barack Obama, and Kim Jong-Un’s secret love child (Kim Jong-Bu, probably).

This, of course, got the pretendy-Yelp crowd all hot under the collar and they descended en masse to TripAdvisor to shame the restaurant for luridly overpriced, too salty meals, awful service, and drinks.

TripAdvisor, our impartial friend that allows anybody to review shame any old place, has reacted:

At some point during all this, the Greek government woke up and sent a special delegation on an investigative mission to discover whether tourists were, in fact, being ripped off. They were not, it concluded, but they did find evidence of illegal buildings (i.e. unapproved new construction or addition to the base building) and are making Mr. Oyster’s life a bit of a PITA at the moment.

But it was all legal. The prices were displayed, and I guess the rest is really just going to depend on hearsay and the behavior of staff when the package tourists who want to holiday with George Clooney, Barack Obama, Kim Jong-Bu, and that guy from One Direction take up the free sunbed with a cheap as chips 14.93 meal deal and then opt to buy another beer and discover the beer is a lulzy 20E after.

I’ve been enjoying this drama all afternoon. I don’t think 90E a head is all that bad for a pretentious location like this with a beach blah blah blah. I certainly wouldn’t go there, but… really people?


For me, the real moral of the story is to always check prices when at a new place. These stories come out every summer - usually in Italy (just outside the Vatican and all of Venice, typically) and when investigated by the authorities, it’s almost always discovered that everything is legal and tourists waltzed into those locations expecting normal prices.

Nobody wants the 60 dollar coffee, but there are plenty of people who want to sell it to people with holiday brain.


I read and have avoided places based on Yelp. There is a however coming, the review has to be well written. If it’s full of spelling errors or incoherent sentence or something crappy like ‘avoid this place’ - I shrug it off.

I dunno, it’s like people that can spell are more credible or something - although, they too can just be venting about a bad day. :woman_shrugging:


Bad reviews with awful spelling is a good barometer for US restaurants, but it doesn’t really work in Europe where you’re going to have people of multiple nationalities. TA does GTranslate them okay but the real trick is to ignore all the boring glowing reviews and go straight for Annoyed and see how many people are angry and what the issue was.

If a restaurant has a 4.5-star record over 5 years with 1,000 reviews, with maybe 3 hangry ones complaining how they got booted out for camping in the dining area at lunchtime for 2 hours over their 1E coffee and the review’s focal point is “YOU TREATED ME LIKE A EURO” (lol) with an apologetic management response of ??? and what I just said… well, it’s not the restaurant, it’s the customer. Who isn’t always right :slight_smile:

That’s one from a very popular restaurant in my area - from a Greek, no less! The translation was bad, but that was the gist of it. But I would consider that a genuine bad review as it’s such a silly angry complaint. The DK Oyster one is also silly, but in a more common way that really makes me want people to just bring their regular old brain with them on vacay.

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You should come to Macedonia, and visit a shady local tavern (as many budget tourists do), you would be amazed how much you would be charged if you aren’t a local (by local I mean someone from that surrounding area), especially if you happen to be from the RICH WESTERN COUNTRIES…