Translators Needed

I need to get this translated into few other languages. Do any of you know some reputable sellers (on 5r only)?

  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Swahili
  • Korean
  • Vietnamese
  • Or any other languages (would :heart: recommendations)

Thanks a bunch!

Come to think of it, @razvan, what’s your native language? :thinking:

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@Starrynight = Spanish

Didn’t Eoin translate into Italian? I can’t remember.


Ahhh, Freaky. Thank you for thinking on me :see_no_evil: :kissing_heart:, but I’m only Level 1 seller.

@Starrynight your level does not reflect your ability!


What does your level have to do with price of :coffee: or :tea: ? :slightly_smiling_face:


Romanian :eyes: Warning (last flag in each meme is for romanian):


Eoin only goes from (various languages) to English, not the other way around.


Yes, you’re both right and I apologize for having said it. :cry:

Last night I wasn’t feeling very well emotionally and, maybe, that led me to unconsciously succumb to the litany that only Level 2 and TRS sellers are able to provide premium work - even though I have fought that speech since the first day I joined Fiverr.

Yes, I’m good at what I do, always giving the best of me, and that makes me feel proud of myself.


we can translate into Spanish, Dutch, German and if needed English!

Unfortunately, I’ve read your recent comments. Your English is, alas, atrocious.


What language can you translate from? :thinking:

you should have read well… i said WE, i only translate into Spanish because i am from Spain however my employees are from UK etc…

Impressive, how many of you are there?

7, iam sorry but i am out, i do not like people that judge other people because they do not write perfect English. i speak many languages and i guess the person that is talking about my English is probably an American that does not speak any other language whatsoever, i write here fast because i am always busy and have more important things to do, i will delete my account here… clean up the trolls

This guy @Zodiac (pacospain), and his Fiverr clone websites (pacayo & pacospain), is such a scam. :grimacing:

I hope people are smart enough to not fall into it. :roll_eyes:


You come here to advertise your friend’s freelancing platform, don’t want to answer additional questions about it, and leave as soon as you see a comment you don’t like?

Being busy is fine, however, it’s a bit disrespectful to the other forum members to say that they’re not important enough to you to write properly while you answer their questions and concerns.