Too Risky? - Opinions Needed

Today near where I live, a beautiful French woman was hit by a cement mixer. I was first on the scene and managed to administer first aid. She’s fine, aside from complete memory loss. In this case, I’ve told her that her name is Sarah and that she is my fiance. The thing is, could this backfire?

Only joking,

My real problem is that I have decided to start changing all my Fiverr gig images and videos. Many contain the Fiverr logo, and it seems that this is a no-go these days.

And in an actual image/video:

I’ve decided to replace logos with the following (since Fiverr says we have to add "exclusively at Fiverr anyway).

The thing is, do you think Fiverr will flag this for copyright for looking too official?


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“exclusively available on” isn’t required any more.

It used to be, then it was ‘recommended’, no mention at all of it now that I can find. :slightly_smiling_face:

Love the images BTW!


Andy, if you haven’t uploaded the videos so far, I would recommend for the rectangle (border) behind “Fiv” to be for the entire word “Fiverr”.

Also, I would make “SEO Web Copywriting” the most prominent part of the entire design.

Are you saying this from a compliance perspective or a design perspective?


I’ve already made quire a few, you see, and I don’t like the full rectangle business.


Or something like this.

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I don’t like it, sorry. Everyone Does the full rectangle text behind. Besides, I’m not creating completely new images. I’m not finished yet… Will update later.

No worries at all. You are right that it’s an overused effect. Everyone has different opinions, and thus it is subjective thing. You know the best what you like. :wink:

Absolutely not! Go for it. Keep us in the loop on how it’s going. :slight_smile:

I like your cover - it’s unique and eye catching. Nice! :slight_smile:

Bravo. :clap:

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