To Resell or not to resell?!

What are your thoughts on resellers?

Some people say as long as they are paid, they don’t care; others rage over it.

Maybe I should post this question on 5r forum. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I don’t see anything wrong with Fiverr gigs being resold anywhere other than Fiverr.

Every Fiverr gig starts with ‘I will’ so it seems implicit that whichever seller you’re buying from, it should indeed be they who are doing whatever it is they’re selling, otherwise their gig should start with ‘I will outsource x, y or z’.

Just my opinion. :wink:

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I hate other sellers reselling Fiverr gigs. However, I have no problem with so-called web marketing agencies reselling my work. That said, since I upped my prices, I seem to have got a lot more work and all of it from people who are using my work directly. By and large, the quality of buyers has also increased. In this case, maybe I need to re-evaluate my reseller opinions?

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I was thinking about reselling eBook covers. Maybe start my own website and see how it goes. There seems to be some market for it.

I’m in the process of buying a house and need some extra cash but don’t have the time. I just wanted to get some opinions.


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That’s @TheFreaky’s niche! Planning on putting him out of business, are you? :scream:

Seriously, though, he’s the one you should get info on that niche from.

Also, selling is hard. (Even reselling.) Maybe look for something more passive like flipping domains on Flippa or Sedo? I keep wanting to put mine up but I don’t have the time. Also, I think there are easier things to resell. Press releases are one I’ve been thinking about. Buy it on Legiit for $40, flog it for $150 on Fiverr.


It is a gamble in the cover design resell business. As here at the publisher we are trying to build a kick-ass in-house team of remote designers.

We aren’t reselling the covers, but it is really close to that particular business.

If @RegiAdd wants to resell work. She can try creating a website for services for Indie publishers. Then you can apply on Fiverr pro. And resell high-quality work at huge price point.

Quality book cover designers charge $350+ for a book cover. You can resell it at $1200-$1500.

But Henry is right. Reselling different type of work might have a better return.

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Okay. I guess I’ll just have do this the good old fashion way and just work for it!

I’m getting way to old to be doing double time. When I was younger, I could do 3 part-time job and still be await to take courses in college. Nowadays, I’m pooped after a single 8 to 10 hour shift. I’ve gotten soft in my old age. :older_woman: :tired_face:

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Mmmhhh… Once again I feel uncomfortable realizing that all the people who are 25 in my head might actually be as old as Master Yoda in real life. - Aside from @TheFreaky, I know he is some kind of child. (Meaning younger than us all.)

Anyway, if you want, I could help you create a Bitcoin multilevel marketing scam. :wink: We could even launch our own cryptocurrency for under $50. You kind of have to be a tiny bit evil but since everyone else is doing it… :thinking:


It doesn’t hurt to try.

My idea for an interesting business that you can do in your spare time is create an Upwork account (you gotta use your real ID though) - and offer social media management services. Ultimately, you can use social media scheduler and let that do the job. Alternatively, you can put spare 2-3 hours a day to work on that type of job.

Perhaps, you can charge $200-450 a month for such a service. The change of success is very high, as many sellers from the developed countries don’t trust any of the sellers. The number of low-quality sellers in that niche is too damn high.

The second idea would be to offer any type of service which you can outsource on Upwrok. You can be a content writer - and hire your trusted writers to resell their work. Sorry, @henryboyd. :upside_down_face:

@JoeKamel - is younger than me. He is 18. 4 years younger than me. :joy:

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LOL! :laughing:

I am neither 25 nor old as Master Yoda! :rofl:

I am teetering in the 40’s though. I need to hurry and get married & have kids before it’s too late! :worried:

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I guess this means you are 39 and looking at the looming big four oh oh, or you are 40 and in denial.

Marriage… No. I’m not doing that. Kids I would like, though. I’m not sure if I could handle a daughter. Growing up with sisters, I’ve seen how you blink one day and suddenly your sweet little girl has become the Devil in a d-cup.

In my ideal world, I’ll have a non-legally wedded wife who loves to cook and has some genetic defect where she can only give birth to boys. Each will also ideally come with some kind of guarantee that they will be incredibly successful and happy to look after me in old age.

Of course, that is not likely to happen. Maybe if you want to make money, though, you could create a dating app for very picky people with non-conventional dream partner expectations? You could even call it “Picky.”

Just a thought…


For that, I curse you with all :girl: :girl: :girl: - 3 to be exact! :rofl:

Isn’t cooking a man’s job? Afterall, most of the greatest chefs in the world are men and not women! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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In the Slavic countries, the woman is that one that should always cook and do all of the chores, no exceptions. Perhaps, that’s where Henry should look for a gal. :joy:

This is why I could never marry a Western woman. I didn’t say cooking would be anyone’s job. I could just as easily have said “loves to ski.” That wouldn’t mean I would expect my wife to slave away as a ski instructor.

That said, you are right. Men are better in the kitchen. It’s just the bedroom where things get awkward…

After 8-years with a Hungarian, I kind of have a rule against Central and Eastern European women.

Probably, I’ll just end up buying a robot wife. This way if I ever get bored, I can tinker with it by uploading Ubuntu. Alternatively, I could use it as a scary remote control human drone to follow and spy on people.

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Aww, Henry, I was just joshing ya!


I guess it’s hard to show emotions over the internet.

Only if you want to.

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It’s probably better. I was crying most of yesterday. If people knew how I felt online, I’d probably look like a wierdo.

TBH I think the answer to all your problems has been staring you in the face for along time. You should go freelance. Aren’t you a software engineer? - I think you mentioned this in an ancient Fiverr forum thread.

That’s pretty much the hottest in-demand skill these days.

You also seem to be a lone wolf. Maybe I’m wrong, but I sometimes get the impression that you have no big family or relationship commitments.

If I’m right, maybe just quit the rat race, sell up, and go freelance.

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