Time tracking software recommendation


I have did a google search, however, it didn’t help. To be honest, I am lost and don’t know which is the right software that I could use to track time for a client of mine. He is a long time client, but this is a new off-platform project.

Does any of you have a recommendation?


Not my thing, sorry. My time tracking goes along the lines of: "Oh look, it’s daylight. Oh look, it’s dark. Oh look, Christmas."

I’ve tried ordering my time using lists. However, after feeling super productive for half an hour, I catch myself in the mirror and feel a deep sense of shame at having become Alan Partridge.

Maybe put some feelers out on the mek-sell forum. I remember a Pro once singing the virtues of some time tracking app or productivity tool.

P.S. Hope your exam worked out :+1:


It was rescheduled for tomorrow. :slightly_frowning_face:

I need a tool to have a proof for the client, as he works for a Business department at a US Uni, and they require that in order to approve the funds for the additional work that I should do for them. :slight_smile:


You know, like Cy said, I do recall someone from 5r forum that had discussed that very same thing. I can’t remember who, or what, but I have a vague memory of it.

Perhaps the :heart: :bird: remembers. He is rather knowledgeable. :slight_smile:


Ah yes, the great heart eating Twitter bird does have a long memory. If only invoking him wasn’t so deadly.

I think the person discussing it had a name similar to Saul Maples Den. Otherwise there is this list: https://focusme.com/blog/6-free-time-tracking-apps-that-improve-your-productivity/ and a lot of free Linux apps if you are able to install something line the Ubuntu subsystem on Windows.


Lol!!! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Cy, do you have any idea how talented you are in your writing abilities? I’ve been LMAO at your witty comments! I’m dying here!!

So, Saul or Prop (as some like to call him) knows about :clock1: management, huh? Not surprised. He did profess to making 6 figures once or twice. :moneybag:


I think it was uxreview. He was talking about how he manages his time with a time app so he can be more productive.


Dang it, you’re right. Good memory, girlfriend!!

It was him. There you go, freaky. Good news is, he’s not a mekseller. He seems to be approachable as well. :slight_smile:


I sent him a PM asking for help once. It was after he booked my gig, but I think he is very approachabble.


I PM’d him on the forum for recommend me the app that he used. There are millions on google, and I really don’t know which one to use.


Why don’t you use the free builtin time tracker from F’s AND CO? (:scream: I said it out loud)


(copy-paste it, I had to remove the hyperlinking “because of some reasons” :smiley: )


I actually went with AND CO, as I don’t need the time tracker a lot, and plus 'twas free.