This was so hard

Yesterday, me and Chico were followed home by a pup (though I think about a year old) Doberman mix. It was a big dog but very playful and it had a collar tied far too tight around its neck. (It looked like it had grown considerably since the collar had first been put on it.)

The dog was obviously a stray. It was filthy, a bit skinny, and was trying to latch on to anyone nice or with a dog. In this case, she came home with us for a feed and a clean up. My plan was to take her to the local SPCA tomorrow. However, this quickly turned into a bit of a nightmare.

Obviously happy to have a home, this pup was overwhelmed with excitement and was bounding round destroying my apartment minutes after I let her in the door. Today she even chewed through my Internet cable and a new shoe.

I was happy to let all this pass. However, several times she started to bare teeth at Chico and looked like she was going to go into full attack mode. I managed to keep the peace. however. poor Chico has been a nervous wreck.

Anyway, the three of us just came back from our evening walk. As we did I filled up Chico’s water bowl and I think the other dog thought I was giving him food. In short, she flipped and finally did go into full attack mode.

Chico isn’t hurt (physically) in any way, thank God. However, I’ve literally just had to pick this dog up by her collar and throw it outside my front door like some mad Viking throwing a nun out of a nunnery.

I feel awful, but I literally had no other choice.

Lesson learned… I really need to stop bringing waifs and strays home, human or animal. :frowning:


I guess you are one of those people who can’t bare to see any breathing thing hurt or destitute. It may be how you grew up or how you see the environment around you as you.

I’m not sure if I really truly believe in karma, but if doing good for others will come around, one day you will be awarded heavily.

I do feel bad for stray dogs. She’s probably hungry and lonely. Only thing she knows is food for survival.

Would any human act differently? When I wrote one of my novels, under a different pseudonym, I had a dream sequence of a slave ship crossing the Atlantic from Africa. I imagined, in my mind, the book I used to read as a child called Treasure Island. I thought what the conditions would be like and how hunger would make people fight for food like animals.

That chapter I wrote was hard and I still have vivid thoughts as if it were memories of actual event that I witnessed. I guess all mammals have an instinct to survive and if you’ve had to fight for it all your life, you end up doing it for the rest of your life.

I give until it hurts because I had nothing growing up. I buy things I don’t need because I had nothing growing up. It’s a vicious circle. I love animals more than people but don’t have the patience to take care of them - so you are up one on me in that aspect. I do donate quite a bit to animal sanctuary around the world.

I would say that a human would act differently, but not in the way you might expect me to say. When dogs are badly behaved, aggressive, or hyperactive, it’s for different reasons to why humans are badly behaved, etc.

Dog brains are pretty much identical to human brains. They just lack the big frontal lobes we have. When a human misbehaves, it is a conscious act. People steal and get aggressive because they reason that their behavior is justified. All that reasoning takes place in the frontal lobes.

(There is basically a big complex (albeit often unhealthy) thought process which precedes a crime or example of uncivilized behavior.)

With dogs, they lack the ability to reason. Instead, all behavior is learned and repeated. At least, for the most part. When behavior can’t be learned like when a dog doesn’t have an owner, pack. or parent to learn behavior from, it defaults to trying to figure out how it should behave.

In the case of this dog (now called Dax), it saw Chico and me and tried to join our pack. That was fine outside. It learned to follow us and be obedient. However, in the house, it didn’t know what to do.

It could see Chico gets affection but couldn’t understand how. Should it jump around and try to play all the time? Should it mark the house as its territory? Should it try and be more dominant than Chico? It also had no idea what was happening when I was saying "hey, no!" It probably even thought "hey, I’m getting attention, this is working."

Anyway, long story short, we went out this morning and the dog was waiting for us. Immediately, she blew up in excitement and followed us on our walk, then she came in when we came home. (I can’t just leave a dog living on my step.) This time, though, I’ve done everything differently.

As she came in, she started bounding around like crazy. I put a stop to that by forcing her to the floor and holding her down until she calmed down. (I got this off the Dog Whisperer on YT).

I repeated this every time she did even a minor thing like wander to the bedroom were Chico likes to chill out on his own. (I want everywhere in the house but the lounge off limits.) Every time she barked if she heard a noise outside, every time she started becoming hyper and wanting food or to play, I held her on the floor, one hand on her shoulder, one on her behind until she was completely calm.

Now we have had a whole day without incidents and she now knows that her part of the house is a bed I’ve made in the corner of the lounge. She also seems a lot happier and settled now. This is because whereas before she had high anxiety and didn’t know how to behave, she does know how to behave now and isn’t nearly as anxious.

Of course, it’s still a work in progress and I am keeping her and Chico separate but this seems like a good compromise. Now all I have to worry about is me getting too attached. Really, I shouldn’t have given her a name. However, I don’t want to han a dog over to the SPCA who thinks its name is HEY NO!

In my books like The Witch Beneath The River (which I guess everyone hated the start of but was too polite to say) I always have to create the characters and setting in my mind. If I think about it, I can recall scenes like memories. However, I also find that when I read something I’ve written years ago, I can suddenly remember everything about what was going on in my life at the time.

As a case in point, I have a sci-fi story which I can’t seem to go back to. Every time I try, I’m transported back to me and my ex breaking up. They’re not sad feelings. It’s just mentally a pain even thinking about that time.

It’s a pity, as I do like the story a lot. However, now my mind is in grisly horror/thriller mode. I can’t exactly write about robots in space after writing about a uber rational middle-aged father and farmer watching evil demon babies ripping themselves out of each of the sheep in his herd an otherwise blissful spring morning in the Welsh valleys.

That said, it might be healthier to write about robots… :thinking:

Here’s the new mut BTW:

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