Thinking of Learning Programming?

Found this on FB, thought it might be of interest to people here. Or maybe not. It’s basically a ‘pay what you want’/beat the average price ($14 currently) for a full Python course. Seems like a good course for anyone who wants to build a new freelance skill?

If you’re in the EU you’ll have to wait for the annoying privacy/cookies/etc page to go away, then click on one of the links in the article for the sales page which has all the deets. I thought about it, but the chances of me realistically learning Python are close to 0% because I am lazy and prefer writing nonsense. Anyway, take a look if you’ve been thinking about it, might be interesting to you.

(PS this is not an aff link)

It is great to mention about Humble Bundle on this thread. The often have a large collection of programming and other technical books for beginners which are pretty cheap. Plus, what you pay goes to a charity of your choice.

I had purchased from their site in the past when they used to do video game bundles, now it’s mostly books, and software that I don’t need at all.

This month they have books for Linux.