They told me, start first with your closest connections

As you all know, the number one obstacle for all startup businesses is getting that first client. The first client is like the biggest milestone for all startup businesses. Once that obstacle is conquered, things start getting much easier with every viewer being converted to a client.

After doing a lot of research on how other businesses got their first client, they all mentioned one sentence, and that was -

start with your closest connections that you have in life.

I have been out of web design work for over than 2 months, and it sucks. I recently found out that my day without coding or doing work is just a day full of procrastinating. Being pressured that i have work that needs to be delivered, helped me improve my daily productivity. I used to wake up at 5am just to have extra 4 hours of work in my day as most of it is basically me studying.

So, with my recent own study of myself, i have decided to offer some freebies so that people could experience working with Devs on Duty, and so that i could also be always busy with work!

Basically, what i’m trying to say here is that i’m currently offering Devs on Duty’s services for free (for only my closest connections) so that they would be able to experience my services and so that i could be able to benefit from their feedback as well regarding how i work.

And with you guys being my closest connections online, anyone needs a free of cost website? :blush:

Please note that i’m offering this to the MyBuzz community only. I’m still not open for taking actual projects.

For those who are interested

As a recently launched agency, i only work on specific kinds of projects until i gather a full team. Therefore, here’s what could be done in the free offer.

  • One-page websites.
  • Static websites only. (No dynamic or CMS.)
  • Landing pages.

I would surely love to give back to the community i’m in. Despite that this isn’t that big of an offer, but perhaps anyone in here might find it as a good opportunity for him and might help him out with something.

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I would do that. However, I feel that it is immoral for me to accept such an offer, especially from you. Let’s talk in a couple of months - as I want to create a simple website for my services. Of course, not for free. :wink:

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Not at all! This is an opportunity that i’m offering, it’s totally fine to accept such an offer! Immoral buyers are those who are asking for discounts, but this is a totally different situation. Don’t miss this opportunity! And also, don’t let me miss the opportunity of working with you. :blush:

Jokes aside tho, i’m currently only doing free work for two reasons. A. I haven’t yet set my payment methods. B. I want to test my service out and get feedback before i launch it to the public.
So if you really want to help me, please accept the offer.

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