#TheFreaky Started a New Hobby

Many of you here, if not most - know that I travel from time to time - as I have shared various photos with you on the dark side. In the past, all of my photos were taken with my mobile phone, which in fact has great optics, and occasionally I get some mesmerizing shots.

Back in 2014, I have saved money and invested in an entry-level DSLR (Nikon D3200) which is a superb camera for beginners and photographer wannabes (like me). However, under all of the circumstances, I was lazy to take my gear with me. My camera was used as a dust collector and shelf-decoration. Somehow I have forgotten that I actually own it. Okay, yes it was used from time to time in order to create great photos for social media, but that was it.

Lately, it has been on my mind, that if I had taken my camera with me on all of the trips for the past year and a half. I would have created a lot of better photos, than what I have at this moment. Plus, my skills and creative thinking would have been on the next level.

Long story short, from now on I would invest more time, resources, and energy in photography. I don’t want to be a pro, nor to earn from this hobby - it would be more just for fun, but I am going to take it more seriously. Actually, it might even boost my creativity, and therefore I can improve myself even as a designer. Plus, I can use the photos to create personal color palettes - something that @razvan does.

In any case, this would be a win-win for me - as this is going to help me clear my mind from both work and study, and relax by doing something I love.

If any of you has some tips or advice feel free to share it with me. It would be much apperciated.


Hey Freaky!

Good luck on pursuing your new hobby! Photography seems like a fun thing to do in your spare time.
I’m also looking forward to start my new hobby but i guess not now, at all.

I like videography, always been fan of Casey Neistat and hist short films. I started to like videography more and more when i started watching his vlogs and how with only one camera, if it’s a mobile camera or a professional one, you can create magnificent videos with creative ideas behind it.

You should consider following him as well if you like these kind of stuff!


@JoeKamel - thanks a lot for suggesting me Casey Neistat. I would definitely check him out. Honestly, it won’t hurt even if I try to make some short videos from my trips. I’ll definitely share something with you. :slight_smile:

I actually had watched a lot of his videos, just I didn’t know his name, lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Guilty as charged :neutral_face: And now because of smartphones, I’ve grown too lazy to get out my camera, charge the battery, make room for more photos, etc., when I can just pop a pic with my phone, although at a lower quality :roll_eyes: #iHateSmartphones

Ugh, I also want to invest more time in what I like doing, not for money, but for darn fun - and that is:

(i) hardcore Mathematics in the pursuit of a more complex understanding of algorithmics;

(ii) old-fashioned, hand-drawn Animation, Disney-style, because giving life to characters and landscapes simply fascinates me;

(iii) becoming a guru digital painter, because I have all these awesome scenes of surreal worlds in my head that I can’t get out with my current skills, and because I long for an iPad Pro to draw and paint on for too long.

So many passions / hobbies, so not enough time for any of them in my current state of affairs :weary:

Therefore, I can’t give any tips because I’m stuck in this chaotic 5r loop for nearly 9 years to make a living and survive the day. If I make enough money to survive, I don’t have time to invest in my passions. If I don’t make emough money to survive, I lose all interest in every passion I have, heck, in everything :frowning: #5rParadox


Did you watch this video before? :thinking:

Despite that he talks about film-making, but i guess there were some tips inside that might help you as a photographer as well. Great tips!
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Now you scared me.

Nope, I’ll watch it right now in the bus. It would make my ride shorter. :stuck_out_tongue:


No need to be scared yet - you’ll experience it first-hand, and then you can assess yourself if it’s scary or not :smiley: Then you pass it on to the next human, just like I did with you :sweat_smile:


Thanks for introducing me to these!

I love to solve math equations. They are like puzzles to be solved to me. But I do not play with them anymore.

I am sorry. You need a sugar mama. (No, I am not volunteering! :rofl:


I had to search that term - it got me thinking :thinking: :smiley:

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So do you know a potential Sugar Mama?


No… should I? :eyes: Wait, so if I get a sugar mama, and she gets a sugar daddy for herself, would I be their sugar baby? I’m so confuzzled!


@JoeKamel - I watched the video. In the meanwhile, on the sidebar there was a video about why Casey is actually better than we think he is.

That is a good question!

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Technically, this would make you a Jelly Baby.

Personally, I’d avoid a threeway like that, especially if you have a family history of diabetes. :wink: