The Super Secret Newbie Introd

Hey, hey, hey, introduce yourselves.

All newbies and not so newbies, let’s welcome each other. Few items of note:

  • You have up to 3 days to change your username

  • If it’s past 3 days, then just PM me

  • Let’s not reveal too much, some things are sexier when kept a secret.:shushing_face:

  • There are prying eyes who don’t sign up so keep that in mind when posting. :wink:


I’m Gina, Regi, or Regina; I also go by “G” if you’re in hurry. I am a part time author, freelancer and full time engineer.

I love chocolate, dogs and kitties of all types, including those big boys and girls in the wild. :leopard::tiger2:

I hope everyone has fun here. Share your hobbies and stories.

Remember, this is a public forum so anyone can read what you wrote without logging in. :slightly_smiling_face:



I’m Angie (here PsychoKitty, so Kitty is fine, or anything related to cats (as long as it’s not insinuating something)). I’m a hybrid author, a screenwriter, and a freelance writer.

I enjoy coffee, tea, books, cats (actually, I love most animals), yoga (when I remember to do it), and HEMA fencing (never mind the fact that I’m a clumsy fencer).


So catty is out, then? It’s good that you didn’t name yourself after dogs though, there’s a massive open goal there :slight_smile:

My name is Locusta.

Please welcome me to your forum, experts, for I am a new and interesting person who is probably better and more beautiful than you. It’s in your best interests, as you will see:

I am an ancient Roman poisoness par excellence specializing in regicide - my resume. I chose this name after a writer - who shall not be named - kept telling people about his external and internal ‘locusts*’ while bragging about how amazing and awesome he was at investing and his overall sub-par writing skills, as is his deeply tedious and egomaniac wont. He ded now tho, and by his own hand, too.

Also, because it gives me an appropriate air of menace befitting my status.

Likes: poisoning people who look at me a bit funny, saying mean things to people I don’t like while plotting their downfall, botany, and adding garum to everything. I have also adapted to the modern world by getting down, hep and fankay with your sci-fi technology - still waiting for the development of ‘scratch and sniff’ online tech so I can continue my life’s work.

Dislikes: Carthage, antidotes, being flogged by crazy fat people, not getting my own way, the ever-increasing plant extinction rate destroying my greatest hits.

Summary: Easily annoyed, best not. Can sometimes be fun at parties when allowed to add some experimental ‘fun powder’ to the wine. Powder description may not be accurate.

NB: Some of the above may be lies. However, at least one fun fact is true. As a Roman trained in the arts of murder and intrigue, I reveal nothing… until it’s too late.

*He meant locus/loci.