The Power of "Thank You" in the Business World

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On a day to day business job, there are times where we need just a little bit of motivation to keep us going. After a long days work full of meetings, the stress can pile up and become overbearing.

Just saying these two words, “Thank You,” can help to unite your company, motivate your employees, and establish a connection between businesses.

How ‘Thank You’ Can Create Loyal Employees and Customers

As the owner or manager of a business, it’s important to put yourself in the perspective of your workers. Think about all that they go through to put out your products, make improvements within the workplace, and all of the efforts they put into their work.

Of course, they do it as a way to make money to support themselves and their families, but sometimes a small “thank you” and perhaps a little note or gift will help to keep an employee committed to a big project and help them to find their desire and motivation to finish their work in a timely and sufficient manner.

At the same time, many customers who visit your business will want to stick around or return after being told: “thank you.”

“Thank You” is something that has been said and expected within society for hundreds of years. It is one of the primary symbols of hospitality and welcoming.

By using it in the workplace, you can make your clients and coworkers feel as if they are at home. In a comfortable environment, employees and customers will feel at home and will be more willing to purchase or work harder.

What Thank You Can Mean to Employees

When you’ve been stuck slaving away at projects without a simple thank you from an overseer or mentor of your workplace, you can start to lose hope, motivation, creativity and the desire to even go to work.

At times like these, employees are in desperate need of some sort of a “thank you” to keep themselves going.

Any form of a “thank you” can make or break the way an employee can work. Whether the employee is a young or new hiree, who has just started working with you and needs the motivation to start projects or the validation that what they are doing is correct, or the employee is a worker who has been with you for years.

How to Say “Thank You” to Your Employees

Whether your employees just got done with a big project that they’ve all been collaborating on for weeks, or the company as a whole hit a huge milestone that deserves celebrating, sometimes, a small “thank you” will keep workers motivated enough to move onto bigger and better projects.

Of course, you can always just say the words “Thank you” after your workers complete an assignment to let them know you appreciate them for all of their hard work, or you can take things on a different route and reward your employees for their continued effort into the late hours of the night or through weekends.

Perhaps you can give your employees a bonus or raise to say “Thank you for all of the hard work you have done recently to make our company’s products even better.” Alternatively, maybe, you can take the team of employees out to lunch or dinner for free for a relaxing and fun break from the stress of their work environment.

However, by all means, ensure that the “thank you” given to your employees is genuine. Don’t just go about saying “thanks” if you don’t mean it or if you don’t make it seem like you mean it.

It’s best to accompany your “thank you’s” with a gift or note. No matter the size, the fact that you went the extra mile will be enough to show your employees that you do care.

By just using a simple “thanks” in a work environment, you can establish the trust you need between yourself and your employees. When they know they are appreciated, employees feel more motivated to get work done for their company to make progress in the workplace.

Say “thank you” whether with a raise, gift, bonus, dinner, or even on its own to help connect with your employees, build friendships, and develop loyal employees who will stick by your side as your company grows.