The Perils of Being Confused as an iPhone Repair Guy


To be fair, most buyers are perfectly normal and respectful. It’s just a small subset of people that create the most problems, and everyone loves to moan about their problems, so it’s exaggerated. Not to mention that problems, like busses, seem to come in multiple units, so it’s fun for all.


Unlike the advices given on 5r forum, I get the feeling that raising your prices will temporarily work to keep thee wackos away but eventually you’ll get a higher class of nutjobs. They have more :moneybag: spare so they will demand more ludicrous junk!

I honestly had no idea to the extent of craziness. @CroftGirl do you get any out of this :earth_asia: request at your end?


yeah, always. If I tell you the stories, your jaw will be dropped and you’ll have to tie it with an elastic band then. :roll_eyes:

This includes Free tuition to 9th 10th graders which includes Biology Chemistry and physics for months amd year to babysitting babies for almost 5-6 years nonstop just because I handle babies of any age very well. so they are like here you go, be a mother of children you havent even brought to this world. Meh :expressionless:

Not to mention, setting up new phones, email accounts etc for people (not the old school ones) who knows how to do it themselves but are just being lazy to do it and I am expected to do it because they are elders.



Ouch, that’s really painful. Usually, I tell people to beat it however, I am jerk when someone I don’t know quite well asks me for a favor. Especially, classmates which bother me for various stuff as they know that I am a book worm and a nerd. They always ask me to help them writing something, and I am like - “Dude not my problem”, “Dude there are kids that do those services if you pay them”. Now nobody asks me for such stuff.

I politely say no just to close friends, when I really can’t help them. Usually, something along the lines that I am super-busy with my existing projects, that I have a lot to study, that I don’t know how to help them on their problem, and so on.

In case someone asks me for a work, the first thing that I say are my fees - which makes “friends” that like free work to go away. In most cases it is an astronomical sum. When someone else asks you to tutor some kids, just tell them I charge $10-15 per hours - my life is busy and I am doing an opportunity cost if I do help you.