The People on the Other Forum


I’m not really sure. I do know that if you don’t leave a review for a buyer who does, then you’ll see (their review) after 10 days and you won’t be able to leave a review. So, technically only 10 days, I guess.


You know, it is starting to look like someone has flipped an off switch over at the other forum. New resignation today. Fewer people having any kind of friendly chit chat. It’s kind of sad, in a way.


I noticed that. In all fairness, you can’t really take a break, even with OOO on (hello, random buyer from 5 years ago who can message you no matter what and who picks the one time in your career you enable it!), so perhaps it’s just easier to go. Your stats and levels would still be turned to dust, not to mention the gig-killing, so just kill it!

I’m sure it will continue to get worse (the other place, as well) - but with billions of dollars at stake, who cares? What I can’t figure out is why they cull the more interesting posters, but let the meksell rampage continue. I do not visit because I’ve suddenly been overcome with an urge to see 15+ comments from Meksell-of-the-Week trying to get a sell by saying “thank yousirs” on necrothreads!

I’m not particularly sad. I just have to wait 998 years until I can go and sort it out. To be fair, I might have other interests and hobbies by then.


I don’t think even you could sort it out. I imagine it would all go a bit like the plot of Demolition Man. The Mods would get wind of your plans to subvert your ban by cryogenically freezing yourself for 998 years. They’d put one of their own in deep freeze to be ready. Then when you finally thawed out, you’d just be hit with another ban.

I’m not really sad. However, I do miss certain people like the Kiwi woman who did Excel work and random chatting. I never had online friends before the F Forum. Then it all went a bit Eastern Germany. At least most of the best of us have washed up here.


Oh, she was nice (and technically not a kiwi if I remember right). She just kind of upped and left though. I think she got a bit bored with the constant drone of meksells and our conversation wasn’t enough to retain her. Plus I imagine running an alpaca farm is quite demanding, so maybe the alpacas all stood outside her door and said: “Right, it’s them or us - you’d better make up your mind, missy…” and she made the sensible choice.

I think I’ve had random online friendships since 1997. Very transient friendships, in general (due to things like “this forum is closing” or “BANNED” and so on), but all in good fun while it lasts. It seems like 99% of posters on various platform-related forums basically just want to spam though. That’s where Stasibot comes in, crushing hopes and dreams in efficient seconds on the sly. Also, about 0.001% of people notice, which tells you how much effort they’re putting into their marketing spam.

I’d perhaps have a little more respect for the other place if they followed their own rules more consistently (not so much the mod team, but other, more influential powers who aren’t really). There’s really no good to be had from having a forum that’s a) spam-infested b) full of complaints c) has squashed the inherent “forumness” out of it by banning interesting people (there are plenty of examples!).

Anyway, why does time suddenly speed up between 9am and 1am? I swear that I look at the clock and 4 hours have just whizzed by every da*n (why is this word censored lol) night. Why can’t work feel like this? Bah.


Eastern Germany? I would say all-inn Kimmy Rocket Man style :expressionless:

With the P.I. lurker lady-moderator being the “eternal president”.


It’s your circadian rhythm. When its dark, your brain assumes its time for sleep and your sense of notional time speeds up. - A bit like when you have an epic dream but wake up realizing that only 5-minutes have passed since you nodded off. It goes faster between 3am and sunrise.

I did get these magic pills off the Internet last year which take away your need for sleep completely. (Pharmaceuticals, not elicit.) They were a fun ride for a few days but had some weird side effects. Namely, you become a complete bar steward by saying exactly what you think without any kind of social/emotional filter. i.e. I started casually reminding my accidental best friend that he needed to get over his girlfriend dying and shower more. Thankfully, he’s usually always drunk and doesn’t really listen to anything I say.

Careful. You never know where P.I’s are lurking. - It’s kind of how they do what they do. :wink:


Ugh, you had to remind me of that time when an n-year old inactive order was miraculously revived while in O3 mode, which was also at 3 times less the price I’m charging nowadays :man_facepalming:

I bet it was a conspiracy, to “book” the gig while it was $5, wait some years until it gets more expensive, and then activate it and expect high value for lowest price :roll_eyes: And I still have some left!

There’s your answer :wink:



I have also enjoyed this scenario. Many times. When they announced the levels day, I cancelled something like 30 ancient, never started jobs and had an atrocious completion week for 2 months, so that’s cool. Of course, I currently have 4 sitting on my incomplete queue from people who apparently love spending 100s of dollars and then forgetting all about it. :roll_eyes: or :rage:, I can never decide. There’s no emoji to represent my feelings truly.


Phew, glad I cancelled my 59ers before St. Levels Day was introduced :grimacing: actually, I had CS do it :eyes:

Tell me about it :roll_eyes: I guess people don’t need money anymore. Wait, what if they think Fiverr is some kind of bank for their money? :thinking: Or what if they think this is how you book gigs? :thinking:


As did I! They announced it almost over 2 months before so it seemed like it was part of the plan, somehow. And yes, I also had CS do it with lots of griping about how their actions were affecting my account for no good reason and (etc, etc, etc, etc).

I have no idea about the incomplete orders. I have poked and prodded, they have been online, nothing. I have too few orders to really afford to cancel them without feeling nervous for 2 months. It’s ridiculous, frankly.

That concludes today’s whine…

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