The People on the Other Forum

It was the time of the day for checking out the other forum.

Starting from myself, and most of you guys here, we all know that Fiverr is making some unpopular moves. My common sense tells me, that we as freelancers are affected by those moves. However, you get the regular forum dudes which approve every unpopular move.

Okay, I get it they might be scared from the “big brother”. But, I don’t find that as a legit reason to attack the honest users. After all they are speaking the truth. Seriously, on the other forum in order to avoid bans, flags, and similar actions they don’t share their real opinion. Instead, they share the opinion that the staff wants to hear.

Honestly, it reminds me of the great Reddit filter.


It’s boring AF now, basically. Between the meksells and the gentle hum of approval for whatever happens next, there’s slim pickings from the wronged banshees. Even those aren’t interesting anymore, just the same old swirl of complaints down the drain.

The reddit is basically the same thing, except the spam gets auto-deleted, which is nice.


Yeah, the official forum has become… Well, it is best left unsaid but everyone can see it.

I’m out. I’ve also heard things from supposedly private rooms and other chats which boost the growing Big Brother sense of the place.

What I hate the most is the now flogged to death lines of: “We don’t really know what happened.” And "Your opinion is yours and doesn’t reflect how amazing this platform is."

Every day you can now bet on several “How do I mek sell?” posts, a spattering of “Help I was banned” and one or two actual conversations by users who haven’t got the message yet that the forum is closed to new discussion.

At least we can take respite in the fact that the most well-liked users have steadily migrated to more friendly and less stage-managed forums. :wink:


Well, I really don’t care about most of the people from the official forum. Most of my friends are here anyway. Apart from you lot, I like Fast, NewsMike, Jon and Eoin from the official forum.

To be honest, Goofy, Freaky and Aunt Vickie are the only 3 people I trust 100% from the Fiverr world. I have no expectations from them and they have no expectations from me. I don’t compete with them, and they don’t compete with me. I don’t have a single negative thought in my mind about them, and they don’t have one about me either.

(And Gina also, but she is a client and I’m more professional with her. I have many clients who have become good friends.)

(Oh I forgot my brother Ghemachander. God bless him. He is like a brother to me, but can’t contact him or get to know him better because of Fiverr rules. )


It is? :thinking:

I believe NewsMike has been banned from the F Forum.

It us not the same Forum as when I joined in July if 2017. It was more fun there back then. :cry:

Do you mean Raz? :thinking:

I miss Nika, she has not been on the FF in a long time.


Yeah, whatever he calls himself here.



Gigs get remove if they have badges on their images with no warnings or any of that nice jazz. So, remove yer badges, not that I think any of you have them anyway. Bonus thread drama (it’s just the OP at the moment): it was done after reporting a copycat gig.



My gig has my scowling face on it and nothing else.


Just the deep, black void of nothingness? No distractions there, I suppose.

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Jesus. The knee jerks just get worse. I find this a bit odd. I called someone out on the forum a whole back for having stars and badges on his gig. He swaggered back with proof from CS that this was okay. Now I guess it’s not.

I’d love to know the mentality behind reactions like this.

Edit: Could this possibly be due to the gig niche? It rings a bit of an echo of the whole Mr. Bulls saga…

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I don’t recall Bulls having any issues prior to the “woke up one morning, account done be dead” issue.

If this is a way to cleanse the platform of woo-woo gigs, then it’s a weird place to start. Most of those gigs have mystic meg type images (usually horrifically edited) which are likely off page 1 of Google Image search for whatever the main keyword is.


Yeah whatever. 1 article to be done and off to the gym I go. Gotta go.

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If I remember correctly, he wasn’t banned. His gig was removed for an obscure reason which was never made clear. It will be interesting to see if the removed gig in this case can be reinstated after editing.

As far as I remember, Satanic-type gigs were no longer OK due to etc., so all his gigs were booted, resulting in a long rant on the forum about all the things we know only too well, and a refusal to do as CS suggested and “start a new (appropriate) gig” because he still had 1k reviews (which were wiped with the gig removal, leaving him with just the stars) and…

Blah blah, went off to launch a glorious solo career. I subbed to him on YT for support, but I’ve not seen him lately. Used to do weekly tarot stuff and other things, which I never watched as it’s not really my bag.


Geez! This is nutty! :frowning_face:

Can I add the communication is pretty bad? I get spam request from 5r all the time to buy gigs or finish purchasing a gig but never a message to let me know when features are changed.

I actually told them that on a survey once. They contacted me for a interview request. I said yes but never heard back from them.


I just read that too. I know that after the first St. Levels Day while searching out my gig placement I found sellers who had placed their little “level 2” badge in their profile picture even though they had been demoted to level one. I confess I reported a couple because of the dishonesty. I suppose F wants to avoid this issue.

And I love you still! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Did you have a nice workout?

They called and talked to our own sweet Nika. Dang she has been missing from the FF for a long time.

@Locusta @Value_Investor How do you get to read the FF if you are banned? Does banning just mean you cannot post, but you can lurk? :eyes: I am sorry if this is a dumb question, but in many ways I am not internet savy.


Oh, it’s read-only without any fancy features like tracking where you read up to. Or indeed the ability to mute categories, so my experience is primarily drowned under heaving piles of My Fiverr Gigs, Improve My Gig, and other fun topics like “I’ve made [insert number here] sale, yay!”

I don’t really read it, tbh, unless a title looks particularly promising with regards to drama. What puzzles me about the forum in its current state is that I am seeing it as most people will (i.e. not logged in), and it makes the entire website look like it’s full of imbeciles with the collective IQ of an abandoned braincell they found round the back of the lunatic asylum.

So, make of that what you will.


No Aunt Vickie, got caught up in something. I’m off to the gym at 5:30 am tomorrow. Will make it a daily thing.

Here’s some more fun. I thought that after 10 days nobody could review (I have a confusing CS message about that somewhere…), but on the other forum it seems not:

This buyer took 10 days to submit her review that contained false information. According to Fiverr, by her taking so long, she denied me of the opportunity to leave a review of my own detailing my experience with the buyer! (emphasis mine)

Just gonna whip out my trusty :poop: emoji again.

Here’s CS back in October to a ticket I had which concerned this due to a hangry buyer.

So are we now to conclude (as OP on The Other Forum) that if a buyer waits until the last minute to review, we can’t reply?

I rate all of this :poop::poop::poop::poop::poop: out of :poop::poop::poop::poop::poop: - it’s a shame there isn’t a blind :poop: to use, that would be nice. Come on, emoji makers.

EDIT: Or should that be 1/5? The :poop:ometer works best in reverse to stars, though, I think.

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