The News, Now In Photoshop

Ancient hollow created during the last ice age?

FFS, who comes up with this crap. What did the ice do? Dive underground a few miles away,
then melt into nothing after coring a tunnel under the Dorset countryside?

I hate the MSM because they are so blooming lazy. If they are going to just make stuff up, they could at least make up interesting barrels of bull.


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Yes, Archie seems to get more mysterious with each passing day. I’m almost tempted to buy the unofficial Meghan expose on Amazon, to help me put all the pieces together.

There’s a lot of yachting and IIRC his not amazing photo analysis involved. I don’t have the book, but it is his blog posts on that subject packaged into one convenient place (he needs $ for server costs, out come the blogbooks),

I’d say it’s worth a punt if you don’t want to VPNUK the blog (he’s started up again as well, at least last time I checked - I imagine he picked up on Lady Louise and Queenie/Phil horseriding the next day after, considering his opinion on Phil and whether he is still with us or not).

Also, knowing Chris, that book likely has her baps in it.