The necessity to respond to all negative reviews!

If you are working on a freelance site of any kind, you will run across difficult customers who are impossible to please. You will also have to deal with the unpleasant clients who try their best to get away with getting more for less or even free work.

Some will even resort to threatening you with bad reviews or give you a bad review out of spite, knowing that it could very well kill your business. As a buyer of several sites, I take the time to read the negative reviews. Let’s face it, no one really cares about positive reviews, most are so generic, it’s not worth reading at all.

I am in the market to creating some videos, commercials or even a whiteboard animation for this forum. I am thinking about creating a Youtube for the forum to launch awareness we are here to stay. As I was researching, I ran across a few reviews and, well, here are samples of two of them from 5r.

Buyer Review:
. . . . . . . 2.3 :star:
Buyer Comment:
the work was performed as described and satisfactory, about the seller: very poor costumer oriented, closed to negotiation, very little business sight, unpleasant, late delivery , blames the costumer. my first bad experience with fiverr after tenths of purchases.

Seller Response:
The Customer changed his script several times. I made the video for him three times to adjust to the different changes without charging him for it. This forced me to deliver 30 minutes late and then he wanted to use that as leverage to negociate free extras. Sorry. I don’t work for free!

I feel like that was an excellent response. He was professional, kept his cool and did not rant. He gave his version of the events. The best part is that he has all great reviews below that one negative one. All of his samples for other clients are really, really good. I will be ordering from him as soon as I get a script done.

There is another seller, who I have never worked with but has exceptionally well-written gigs and great sample portfolios from other clients. I am impressed with her and want to order from her as well.

She must have had a bad day because what the client wrote took me by surprise. She left no response, which has me scratching my head.

I won’t post what the client wrote but it was a legitimately bad experience. It was a well written bad review that from what was I read, raises concern. Since this particular seller did not respond, I am forced to believe what the buyer wrote.

Things like this do make me hesitate. I don’t care about bad reviews, I care about the other half of the story behind it.

Just throwing it out there.


I agree with this. However, times are a changing. This past month, I’ve had three buyers explode on me because I’ve dared review them with a less than glowing star rating and comments. All are buyers who have either been extraordinarily hard to work with, aggressive, or potential scammers.

The last ordered a basic (single article gig), but asked for two articles in their order requirements. Another buyer I rared 4-stars with just “Thank you,” only to have them start bombarding me with inbox messages insisting I change my review.

Given the above (and because I read far to many horror stories about Fiverr warnings which are handed out in obvious error), I’m resigning myself to the fact that I can realistically only review buyers with 5-stars and glowing comments. Otherwise, I’m taking a huge risk with people who could easily go to CS, mention the word ‘review,’ and have me taken down in a single copy and pasted TOS violation notice. :frowning:

I am wondering if all of those sellers who used to beg 5r to give them the ability to view buyer’s review are now happy as a :clown_face: . They did, after all, get their wish.

Okay, I’d love to put this survey on 5r forum, except it would be immediately :white_flag: flagged.

Now that the buyer’s review are displayed on their profile for some time now, how useful do you find it to be?

  • I love everything about it and it has been very useful!
  • It has drastically increased the quality of good buyers
  • Saves me time because I can filter bad buyers
  • Buyer’s are now behaving themselves and treat me with respect
  • I take the time to write an honest review to aid my fellow sellers

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or, 2nd Poll

  • I want to read the buyer’s review of me before I rate them
  • Everyone seems to just write “thank you;” therefore useless
  • I’m afraid to give less than 5 stars; they may retaliate or report me to CS with a bogus complaint
  • It’s useless because cancelling affects my completion rate
  • It would be useful if I had the ability to accept/decline before they order
  • Still same number of awful, scan buyers as always, it’s just added a layer of headache.

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Even though a buyer may deserve a 1 :star: I will give them a 3 or 4 because of fearing retaliation. I have only done that once.

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I’m still of the opinion that buyers shouldn’t be reviewed. Where else IRL or elsewhere do you get reviewed when you’re the one paying your hard earned cash?

I’ve seen some really harsh reviews of buyers on Fiverr - they may well have been justified, however, they reflect not just on the buyer, but the seller leaving the review I’m afraid.

If I were given a negative review as a buyer, I wouldn’t be buying anything else on the platform.

Tripadvisor is a good example of why it is good to rate buyers. It basically comes down to defending your reputation. In hospitality, like in freelancing, you get faced with some of the most difficult people the human race has to offer. If you don’t respond to evil / unjust reviews, other people perceive these reviews as valid.

Given the above and my own experience, I am in favor of reviewing buyers. However, the old system on Fiverr was much better than the current one. All Fiverr had to do to update it was make reviews visible on buyer profiles.

Pros, as I see, it concern the fact that:

  • It is now possible to spot potential problem buyers
  • It is possible to see which sellers outsource their work

However, the negatives currently outweigh the Pros in that some buyers clearly feel intimidated by being reviewed, and by being blind, leaving reviews is hugely stressful.

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