The Logo Design niche is in danger!

When I started on F with my SEO analysis gigs all went smooth & dandy, until a few years later when some people created free online SEO report websites, which were (and still are) rubbish as they simply scratch the surface and provide almost meaningless/useless information about a site’s actual SEO - suffice to say my gigs have taken quite a hit, because free is what people want, but some eventually realize those free sites are rubbish and come my way :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I’m sad to announce the same thing happening all over again to the Logo design niche this time. Why hire a cheap or expensive logo designer when one can get a free logo online? :man_facepalming:

This is just the start - it will evolve, more similar sites will surface like mushrooms after the rain, and everyone’s logo will look, well, freely generated, just like those rubbish free generated reports :roll_eyes:

P.S. what’s next, free generated articles on any topic? free AI-generated voiceovers that sound human-like? free AI-made illustrations?

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It’s not free - don’t worry.

There are several of this type of site around - you can design it free, but to download it in any usable form you’ve got to pay:

Human like voiceovers - check out Google Wave net - they’re quite impressive, but still not human. :slightly_smiling_face:


With the minimum price of $19, it’s still cheaper to hire someone on Fiverr for $5.


Or take a picture and hire a $5 seller to convert it to a vector file :eyes: But then again :arrow_double_down:


If you don’t mind the possibility of getting sued for copyright infringement, and the fact that you can’t legally use that as your logo.


@weeyin, I am happy to see :eyes: you back here.