The Gig Economy - A Career Choice Or A Necessity?

Found this - thought the comment section was interesting.

ZHC = zero hours contract BTW. Very popular with some employers here in the UK now. Didn’t used to even be a thing.


I have talked about this a lot - and I will say it again.

Before the '90s there were socialism and worker rights movements. Today, there is no counter weight and such movements are almost nonexistent that’s why the evil capitalists exploit us this way. Just kidding, I talked about socialism to anger some capitalists.

Back to reality, personally, I think that the gig economy is the next best thing after cheap foreign labor for huge multinational corporations.

We are presented and taught that the gig economy is all about having the freedom to work whenever we like from wherever we like. In real life, that’s a big lie. It’s just a “propaganda” that the media created in order to justify MCS to avoid paying pension, insurance, and tons of other benefits. If I am correct, in most countries if you are a contractor or freelancer, you are not seen as an employee.

@PsychoKitty - if I am correct the Serbian government recently passed a law to tackle this issue. I was told that the software development companies in Serbia used to treat all of their employees as independent contractors (to save paying for insurance and etc). Hence, the government passed some law, which states that if you are an independent contractor no more than 50% of the business can be from just one client.

Maybe, in a couple of years, things can change and we can have more benefits.

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These still exist. Trades unions may not have the power they once had, but they are still very useful for employee protection. I’m a retired member of a union even now. Nothing to do with whether I’m a socialist or a capitalist, simply for my own protection. :wink:

I’m not aware of any trade union for self-employed people, in the gig economy or not.

I don’t know what MCS stands for BTW?


I’m not sure about software companies and independent contractors, but they did pass a law that basically gives all (or most types of) workers the same rights as the full-time employees. Well, unless you’re a pregnant entrepreneur.


MNS = MNC (Multinational Corporations) a typo I made.

Trade Unions in the US are not that active. I think people can get fired if they join a union in some large corporations. I think Germany has very strong unions.

Yep, that is the law.

I was told by a person on my team that this was to put end of the IT companies exploiting developers by having them as independent contractors.

No problem - I wouldn’t have known what MNC stood for either! :smile:



Then I am evil. :smiling_imp:

It works for me because I am retired and have a small pension as well as Medicare.

I am sure that is the way it is here.

A teacher’s union?

Good Morning, everyone! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yep - it wouldn’t have been sensible to step inside a classroom/workshop without being a member of a teachers’ union. Protection from claims - accidents, false allegations etc. etc. :wink:


I belonged to the national and state teacher’s union while I taught, but once I retired I quit.


True story.

They label it as such to generate a buzz of “The freedom of working as a gig economy worker.” More time to spend with family, more time to walk the dog, more time to go watch a game. Ugh! B.S! If these people use it as a sole income, they are still stuck with having to pay their own insurances; such as medical, dental, vision and of course car insurance, etc. They are making peanuts and would essentially have to work a ton of hours to make ends meet. I think it’s about time these gig economy giants get their :poop: together and offer these hard-workers more perks & benefits. At the end of the day these giants are using these workers as cheap labor, while they get richer and the poorer gets poorer.