The Best Youtubers for Author News and Insights

Soon I’m going to start using And Co to invoice @RegiAdd for single-handedly trying to keep MyBuzz alive. :wink: - Only joking.

I’m getting quite back into my creative writing game at the moment. For a second time in my life, I am also realizing that money is the enemy of creativity. When I was at my most creative years ago, I had an art studio space and spent all day painting and sculpting. I even made a lifesize clay gargoyle. - And everything I made was awesome. :wink:

Sadly, I could only do all that because I was excruciatingly poor. I was so thin my paint-stained jeans once fell down in Asda. Thankfully, I still wore underwear in those days.

Later, my life got amazingly better to the point where I was living it large in New Zealand. However, then all my creativity ebbed away like there was a leak in my brain. I can’t even draw anymore.

Now I’m going through a poor period again and in a strange way, I’m liking it. My brain keeps making up stories and I have the time to write them. To realize my old dream of becoming an author, I may, therefore, need to find a shack in some woods, live off whatever songbirds I can catch, and grow a big beard to keep me warm in winter.

Of course, I can also see some drawbacks with adopting that kind of lifestyle.

In any case, one thing which I am really enjoying at the moment is almost daily vlogs about writing and publishing by a Youtuber called Alexa Donne.

She is the only writer I’ve found on YT who I can listen to for hours, even when I’m writing myself, and feel like I’m really learning new things about the creative process and the publishing market. In this case, if you are an aspiring author yourself, you might want to check her out. :slight_smile: