📌 The Best of Fiverr Proofreaders & Editors (Recommendation for Buyers)

If you haven’t seen my post on the Best of Fiverr Article Writers, check it out! This is, as you can say, Part Two. These are my recommendation for Proofreaders/Editors/Beta Readers.

I have hired over 2 dozen proofers/editors on Fiverr. These are my top 5 picks which I have personally used at least twice and can vouch that they are indeed legitimate. They have excellent communication, editing abilities and know how to follow instructions! For me, as a writer, someone that does not know how to follow my instruction should not be an editor.

** Editor: For the purpose of this post, an editor is defined by me as anyone who does the following:

  • Proofreading: correcting of syntax, spelling, punctuation
  • Line editing: syntax, addition, deletion, suggestions - (comments within the line, asking questions)
  • Beta reader: reading 1st or 2nd draft of writing and providing a suggestion for improvements, no proofing.

All of these sellers have perfect grammar and syntax on their gig page. In no particular order:

  1. Fiverr Username: turnofphrase
    She is one of the TOP EDITORS on 5r!! I’ve used her dozens of times for my proofing and beta reading. She has the magic touch when it comes to rearrangement (syntax) of wording to make everything I write better. She always goes above and beyond by providing line editing on top of the proofing with comments and suggestions to go with it. Although she is great at everything, her biggest strength is romance and fiction. She delivers both clean and tracked copies.

  2. Fiverr Username: mrproofreading
    I’ve hired him several times to edit my articles. He delivers proofing only, unless you add the gig extra, but does a phenomenal job. He does do minor syntax but point on with grammar and his turnaround time is fast and ACCURATE. I have not used him for novels but I can vouch that he is aces with non-fiction or any type of articles. He delivers clean and tracked copies.

  3. Fiverr Username: eoinfinnegan
    He is one of my favorites when it comes to beta reading, from a male perspective. He accepts all genre, very good at proofing and follows your instruction to the letter. He currently does not offer beta-reading but you can hire him for proofing. If you ask him to, he will give you his opinion of a piece - that is ONE sentence, not a long written paragraph unless you pay extra (after all, time is money). He delivers in clean & tracked.

  4. Fiverr Username: vickiespencer
    I have used her multiple times for many of my article and forum posts. She is a retired teacher so you bet she is accurate when it comes to grammar which leads to this: biggest strength is pinpointing embarrassing mistakes such as 40 feet vs 4 feet, She will also plagiarize check articles you may have purchased from sellers on any freelance platform for a gig extra. She delivers in clean & highlighted version.

  5. Fiverr Username: sydneymorgan
    Unfortunately, Sydney no longer offers proofing, but let’s hope she brings it back because she happens to be really - I mean really good at it. She offers concise, well thought out editing to your piece. You give her a clear direction on what you’d like for her to concentrate on and she will give you a no-nonsense, straight to the point answers to your questions. She delivers in clean and tracked.

Every one of these sellers is currently active on Fiverr. They are professionals who all deliver amazing editing work. You give them clear instructions on what you are looking for in your work and you will receive that and more.

Do you have anyone you’d like to recommend or add to this list? Give me a link, I just may make a point to hire them. I am always in the lookout for great sellers form almost all categories!

Keep an eye out for more recommendations such as Artists/Illustrators, Language Translators, Whiteboard animators, Voice over artist, etc.


I’d really love to see a list of web designers. I’ve got my eye on Esther (not full name but a F forum regular). I also heard of this really cool guy from Egypt who can no longer work on F but had a lot of potential as a reliable freelance web designer.

Maybe (because buying from these people can be expensive/impossible) we could create a ‘Show us Your Stuff’ section where aspiring freelancers could introduce themselves and provide links to their portfolio?

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Awesome suggestion! :heart_eyes:

This is one category where I have zero recommendations as I’ve never hired anyone!

If you create it, make sure to use Google Trends and Adwords first to see what things people type into search engines to find web designers. Then create your category title around those words. Maybe also create separate categories for several different freelancer services using the same method. - Easy SEO but could be effective. - And it’s FREE! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I saw it, any list that doesn’t have the Humble Writer from India (who, by the way, is the only TRS in the writing category on F from Asia AND one of the handful of TRS left in the article/blog posts writing category. Last I checked there were like 6 or 7) on it isn’t really worth the money. LOL.

You must love the @RegiAdd Humble Freelancers from India Page :slight_smile:

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Okay. I already created a generic version, but when I have time, I’ll do more research and retitled. :slight_smile:

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