📌 The Best Fiverr Article Writers (Recommendations for Buyers)

You’ve heard horror stories of plagiarized articles and trickery used by 5r sellers. You are skeptical about buying any service from a platform, where you have no idea, what you’re getting is original or a copy of someone else’s work.

If you’re a new buyer, the site can be rather confusing. You see prices from low as $5 to upwards of $100’s for a single article. You wonder if the so-called “Pro” label or even the “TRS” labels are worth it or even trustworthy.

Well, let me make it easy for you. I’ve bought from many sellers on 5r and I can vouch for several. This list isn’t all inclusive but these sellers, I can guarantee you a few things:

  • Unplaigerized, original work
  • Exceptional writing skills, well-structured sentences/grammar/punctuations
  • Well researched and factual articles/blogs
  • You don’t have to pay hundreds of $ to get great articles/blog posts.

This list is NOT in any particular order.

  1. Fiverr Username: Suha
    I’ve used her twice to write me several blog articles. Each article she delivered was original, extremely well written and engaging. Her articles will grab your attention from the beginning. I can guarantee you will be satisfied with her writing skills.

  2. Fiverr Username: Emmaki
    She is currently a PRO seller. I used her to write my book blurb and a comedy skit before she earned the PRO title. Her writing skills are exceptional. Whatever task you give her, she will return something that is original and better than anything you can imagine.

  3. Fiverr Username: Cyaxrex
    This particular seller has one heck of an imagination. Everything he writes is top notch, funny or serious. However you want it written, you tell him and he will deliver exactly what you ask. I’ve hired him to write me anything from a blog post of “Effects of Chargeback” to Forum “Terms of Service.”

  4. Fiverr Username: Woofy31
    This seller does not offer writing gigs. I had interacted with him on Fiverr forum for a long time and had a feeling he would do an excellent job, so I asked. He accepted and returned one of the best-written articles with illustrations, references and links. He is a perfectionist who delivers nothing but the best and I’ve hired him several times since.

  5. Fiverr Username: Lucycodex
    I recently hired her to write me several articles on Rainforest (soon to be published on my blog). I’ve never worked with her before except to interact a few times on the forum. She WOW’ed me with her skills. Her writing was engaging and well researched. I am putting her on my list of top qualified writers.

Everyone on this list is active on Fiverr. They are original, exceptional writers who deliver nothing but the best, well-researched articles and blog post. You don’t have to spend hundreds, just hire one of the 5 I mentioned above.

As a disclaimer: I have not hired any PRO Writers on 5r; however, I have worked with several sellers before they put on the PRO label. Emmaki is one of the PRO worth the money.